Krafton Disqualifies 54 Teams from BGIS 2023 Round 2: A Closer Look

The battlegrounds of mobile gaming are as intense as ever, and the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 is no exception. In a recent turn of events, Krafton, the company behind BGIS, made a decisive move by disqualifying 54 teams from Round 2 of the tournament. This article delves into the reasons behind these disqualifications, the specific rules that were violated, and what this means for the future of BGIS 2023.

The BGIS 2023 Round 2 Showdown

Round 2 of BGIS 2023 was a fierce competition, featuring a total of 512 teams vying for supremacy in the mobile gaming arena. However, not all teams made it to the next stage. Krafton took action by disqualifying 54 teams for breaching the BGIS 2023 Rulebook. Among the notable sections violated were 4.1 and 6.2.4, as well as the BGIS code of conduct.

Rule 4.1: Player Equipment

One of the key rules that some teams ran afoul of was section 4.1 of the BGIS 2023 Rulebook. It explicitly states that players may only use mobile phones or approved handheld devices during tournaments or official competitions. The use of peripheral devices such as tablets, adapters, controllers, Bluetooth keyboards, and mice is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the use of emulators to play on non-handheld devices is also forbidden.

Rule 6.2.4: Ringing

Another rule that teams violated was 6.2.4, which pertains to "ringing." This rule prohibits playing under another player's account or Gamer Tag, as well as soliciting or inducing someone else to play under another player's account or Gamer Tag. Fair play and identity integrity are paramount in competitive gaming, and this rule aims to ensure just that.

The List of Disqualified Teams

Here is the list of the 54 teams that faced disqualification:

1. 4TS

2. SEG Esports

3. Supreme Legends

4. Biggbull Esports

5. Real OGS

6. Tyco RTR

7. R2F

8. Team Strange

9. 7M

10. 7 Musketeers

11. TeamBadesports

12. Unicorn Esports

13. Eleven Esports

14. Attacker Esports

15. Grizzly Bears

16. Mashroom Boyies

17. Badmash Esports

18. Heroicreign

19. Team Brave

20. Team Godzi

21. Team XForce

22. XR Ruthless

23. Hungry 4 Kills

24. Quark Esports

25. Team FPS

26. Team JOD

27. Unbeatable Esports


29. Team Winex

30. AtlantisxB

31. Intrepid Esports

32. Blood Esports

33. Galactic Gamers

34. 7Hills Esports

35. Lallantop

36. Team Jod

37. 4Ever Dominate

38. Strategy Esports

39. Baaz Official

40. OLD Equation

41. Team Fallback

42. 1MS Esports

43. Eden of Zeus

44. Empact Esports

45. MOB Esports

46. TeamBadesports

47. Team Ifeel

48. Team XR

49. The Last Legends

50. 9Tailesports

51. War Gods

52. 4 Strangers

53. Crescent Wolfs

54. Xcalibur Esports

What's Next for BGIS 2023

With Round 2 behind us, BGIS 2023 now enters Round 3. The 224 teams that qualified from Round 2, along with the top 32 teams from Round 1 of the week 5 grind, will be divided into 16 groups. From these groups, the top four teams from each will advance to Round 4, making a total of 64 teams progressing. The fifth-place teams from each group, totaling 16 teams, will move to the losers bracket.

Round 3 is scheduled to kick off on September 14 and run through September 17. As the competition heats up, fans and participants alike are sure to be on the edge of their seats, eager to see who emerges as the ultimate champions of BGIS 2023.


The journey of BGIS 2023 continues to be a rollercoaster ride for both players and fans. Krafton's firm stance on enforcing the rules and maintaining fair play has resulted in the disqualification of 54 teams from Round 2. As the competition narrows down, the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming rounds are palpable. BGIS 2023 remains a battleground where only the strongest and most rule-abiding teams will emerge victorious. Stay tuned for further updates on this gripping esports spectacle.

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