Sid Talks About BGMI Losing Its Hype Because of Hackers

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been a sensation in the Indian gaming scene, propelling esports athletes and content creators to stardom. However, a dark cloud looms over this popularity—hackers. In this article, we delve into the revelations made by S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi during a recent live stream. Sid's candid discussion sheds light on why BGMI is losing its hype in India, primarily due to the rampant presence of hackers.

Hackers: The Underbelly of BGMI

The specter of hackers has haunted BGMI since its inception. Numerous instances have come to light where players, even prominent ones, have resorted to unethical means to gain an unfair edge over their competitors. These incidents have tarnished the game's reputation and threatened its competitive integrity.

Krafton's Crackdown

Krafton, the developer behind BGMI, hasn't turned a blind eye to this issue. The company has taken decisive steps to combat hacking by banning offending players. However, the question remains, are these measures enough to curtail the influence of hackers in the BGMI ecosystem?

Sid's Live Stream Revelation

During a recent live stream, S8UL Sid spoke candidly about the hacker problem plaguing BGMI tournaments. He didn't mince words, asserting that hackers are a significant reason for BGMI's waning popularity in India. To add weight to his claim, he pointed out that even Tier 1 (T1) players are feeling the frustration.

“Why Not Use Hacks?”

Sid raised a thought-provoking question: What's stopping a T1 player from using hacks when hackers are running rampant without consequences? He acknowledged that most T1 players adhere to ethics and fear a lifetime ban. However, the absence of penalties for hackers has cast a shadow over the competitive spirit of the game.

Ethics vs. Temptation

In response to a viewer's concern that he shouldn't be feeding such ideas to T1 players, Sid made it clear that he believes in the integrity of most T1 players. Still, the absence of consequences for hackers could tempt even the best to cross the line. He emphasized that BGMI's value is eroding due to these hackers and urged officials to take action promptly.

The BGIS 2023 Qualifiers Dilemma

Several experienced teams from "The Grind" found themselves unable to secure a spot in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 main event. They had to resort to participating in the open qualifiers. Unfortunately, this decision exposed them to a major issue—hackers.

Krafton's Bans and Unaddressed Concerns

Krafton's response was swift; they released a list of disqualified teams, banning those who had violated the event's rules. While this aimed to ensure fairness in BGIS 2023, it left the affected teams in the qualifiers without a resolution. This has left fans and players alike hoping for quicker and more effective actions against hackers and cheaters.


As BGMI continues to captivate gamers across India, the shadow of hackers threatens to dim its luster. S8UL Sid's words echo the concerns of many: without a concerted effort to combat hacking, BGMI's value and competitive spirit are at risk. The responsibility falls on Krafton and the gaming community to take decisive action against hackers to ensure a fair and thriving BGMI ecosystem. The future of BGMI's hype rests on this crucial battle against those who seek to undermine its integrity.

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