Activision's Call of Duty HQ Dilemma: A Slow, Inelegant, and Pointless Experience

Activision, the powerhouse behind the iconic Call of Duty franchise, recently introduced a new way of unifying the Call of Duty experience through a front-end platform known as "Call of Duty HQ." However, this ambitious endeavor has faced significant criticism as players discovered an unexpected and frustrating requirement – launching Modern Warfare 2 before being able to play Modern Warfare 3. In this article, we delve into the problems arising from this decision, highlighting the issues and providing insights into its implications.

The Convoluted Process of Launching Modern Warfare 3

While the idea of a centralized hub for Call of Duty titles may sound promising, the execution leaves much to be desired. Before players can dive into the action of Modern Warfare 3, they are now forced to go through a rather baffling process – launching Modern Warfare 2 first. In essence, "Call of Duty HQ" is nothing more than a rebranded version of the Modern Warfare 2/Warzone client.

Switching between the two Modern Warfare titles is not a seamless transition, as one might expect when switching between game modes. Instead, when on the main menu, players can easily jump into Warzone or a multiplayer match in Modern Warfare 2. However, the process becomes frustratingly convoluted when attempting to launch Modern Warfare 3. Clicking on the Modern Warfare 3 button leads to the closure of the HQ app and the launch of a separate executable file for Modern Warfare 3. The core issue here is that "Modern Warfare 3" is essentially an add-on content piece buried deep within the CoD HQ platform.

A Frustration-Filled Experience

The consequences of this convoluted process are significant. Players are now forced to endure substantial wait times ranging from 70 to 90 seconds, an eternity for a fast-paced game like Call of Duty. What makes this situation even more perplexing is that these additional steps appear to serve no discernable purpose for the players.

The introduction of the CoD HQ may have been intended to streamline the gaming experience, particularly on consoles where organizing game series can be challenging. However, for PC gamers, who often have a more organized and seamless experience through services like, the CoD HQ becomes nothing more than a hurdle. It adds unnecessary complexity and delay to a gaming experience that is known for its quick and smooth transitions.


Activision's attempt to unify the Call of Duty experience with "Call of Duty HQ" has, unfortunately, backfired. The requirement to launch Modern Warfare 2 before playing Modern Warfare 3 has left players frustrated with a slow, inelegant, and seemingly pointless experience. While the concept may have been well-intentioned, its execution falls far short of delivering the smooth, streamlined gameplay experience that fans have come to expect from the Call of Duty franchise. As a result, the CoD HQ has become a divisive addition to the series, making players long for a simpler, more direct way to access their favorite titles.

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