Asian Games Esports: India's Debut Performance Analyzed

The Asian Games, a prestigious quadrennial event, saw Esports make its official debut as a medal sport. India, with its 15-member Esports contingent, entered the arena with high hopes and aspirations. In this article, we'll take a comprehensive look at how Indian gamers fared in their first-ever appearance at this grand event. From DOTA 2 to League of Legends, EA Sports FC Online, and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, India ventured into multiple gaming titles, each with its unique challenges and outcomes.

DOTA 2: A Tough Start

The Indian DOTA 2 squad, led by skipper Darshan Bata (A35), embarked on their journey with zeal. However, their debut encounter ended in disappointment, as they suffered a 0-1 defeat against Kyrgyzstan in the opening group game. The challenge intensified when they faced the Philippines in their second group stage game, resulting in another 0-1 defeat. This marked the end of India's DOTA 2 campaign at the Asian Games.

League of Legends: A Hard-Fought Battle

In the realm of League of Legends, India's team, captained by Akshaj Shenoy (Kai), showed resilience. They advanced to the quarterfinals but faced a formidable adversary in Vietnam. Despite putting up a valiant fight, India's League of Legends squad had to settle for fifth place after a 0-2 defeat. Their journey may have ended, but their determination shone brightly on the esports stage.

EA Sports FC Online: A Spirited Effort

Charanjot Singh, India's star athlete in EA Sports FC Online, displayed true sportsmanship. In a field of 36 leading athletes from across the continent, Charanjot secured the ninth position. His journey was a rollercoaster, starting with a 0-2 defeat against China's Liu Jiacheng. However, he made a remarkable comeback with three consecutive victories against tough opponents. Sadly, his campaign concluded with another 0-2 defeat, but his perseverance left an indelible mark.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and the Exit

Street Fighter V witnessed the exit of Karman Singh, who fought gallantly but was defeated 1-2 by Aldhafiri Meshari of Kuwait in the Losers Bracket Round 2. While the journey may have been short-lived, the spirit of Indian esports enthusiasts burned bright throughout the competition.


The Asian Games Esports debut for India was a testament to the country's growing presence on the international esports stage. While the medal tally may not have swelled, the determination, resilience, and spirit of Indian gamers were on full display. As esports continues to evolve, India's esports contingent is bound to grow stronger, leaving a lasting mark on future editions of the Asian Games.

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