BGMI's Battle Beats: Anthem and Contest | All You Need to Know

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), the nationwide battle royale sensation, has unveiled an exciting and innovative concept - the "Battle Beats" contest. This fusion of gaming and music promises an exhilarating experience for BGMI's ever-growing community.

The Anthem: A Tribute to the Gaming Community

BGMI's "Battle Beats" contest is centered around the anthem "Jeeto," a creation of Benny Dayal with lyrics by 1080G. The anthem's rhythmic vibes are infused with gaming jargon that resonates with its extensive gaming community. Benny Dayal, the maestro behind the anthem, is optimistic about its power to connect with gamers and unite the realms of music and gaming.

The "Battle Beats" contest is an open invitation for creativity, encouraging participants to:

1. Craft their unique rendition of the iconic BGMI theme.

2. Remix the original "Jeeto" tune.

3. Create a music video using the theme song.

Participants can share their creations on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube using the dedicated contest hashtag - #BGMIBattleBeats.

BGMI has spiced up the contest launch by releasing an electrifying music video for "Jeeto." This star-studded video features Benny Dayal, 1080G, and prominent Indian gamers like 8Bit Thug, Dynamo, and ClutchGod, all dancing to the infectious beats of the anthem.

A Celebration of Gaming and Creativity

The "Battle Beats" initiative is a testament to BGMI's rich gaming culture, celebrating the game's influence and its community's immense creativity. Through this contest, BGMI underlines its commitment to delivering unique experiences to its players and nurturing a vibrant gaming ecosystem.

The concept of "Battle Beats" was born at Bangalore's The Silly Fellows and brought to life by the Good Fellas Studio in Mumbai. The music video was directed by Altray (Ray Rajdip), a renowned music video director who ensured that it captured the essence of BGMI's gaming world.

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