Bihar State Sports Authority (BSSA) Leads the Charge with First-Ever eSports Championship

The Bihar State Sports Authority (BSSA) has announced plans to organize Bihar's premier eSports LAN tournament, marking a historic milestone for competitive gaming within the state. This event aims to blend skill and technology while fostering a burgeoning community of eSports enthusiasts and gamers statewide.

BSSA's Inaugural eSports Championship: Setting a New Benchmark

Combining the gaming industry with conventional sports under the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs in 2022 has propelled eSports into the national spotlight. The Bihar government's announcement of the state's first open eSports championship is a significant leap forward in recognizing eSports as a legitimate sporting endeavor.

Scheduled from December 7 to December 28, 2023, the state championship's pinnacle, the inaugural eSports grand finale, will take place at the Patliputra Sports Complex in Kankarbagh, Patna. The tournament comprises three primary stages: registration, an online phase, and the grand finals, all held on LAN.

Registration for the championship commenced on December 7 and will remain open until December 14. The subsequent online phase is scheduled to run from December 16 to 22, culminating in the grand finals on December 28. The BSSA utilized social media platforms to publicize the tournament, fostering widespread awareness and participation.

BSSA's initiative echoes similar efforts by various government bodies across the nation, signaling a trend towards recognizing and promoting eSports as a mainstream sporting activity.

Additionally, a collaborative effort between Meghalaya Tourism and Mutation Esports is underway to organize Odyssey 2023, a gaming festival featuring an international Call of Duty (COD) mobile competition.

Uttar Pradesh's government has entered into a partnership with Garena to host international eSports competitions as part of its sports policy, emphasizing a strong push towards eSports.

Meanwhile, the Madhya Pradesh government's initiatives include the establishment of an eSports academy and the hosting of a state junior eSports competition, where BGMI emerged as the victor, showcasing the growing influence and acceptance of eSports in India's regional sports landscape.

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