Calling All Teams: PUBG Esports Opens Applications for 2024 Global Partner Team Program

As the PUBG Global Championship 2023 reaches its thrilling climax with the top 16 teams ready for the final showdown, PUBG Esports sets its sights on an exciting phase in its competitive journey. Following an extensive review of the Global Partner Team Program 2023, preparations have begun for the selection process of teams for the 2024 edition.

Recap: Global Partner Team Program 2023

The previous season witnessed the significant contributions of the eight Global Partner Teams within the PUBG Esports ecosystem. These teams not only displayed their prowess in various PUBG Esports promotions but also provided invaluable insights for enhancing in-game systems. As a token of appreciation, these partners received direct seeds to the PUBG Global Series and exclusive team-branded items.

Building upon the success of the past year, PUBG Esports is expanding the Global Partner Team program by incorporating two additional teams, elevating the total count to ten. This expansion mirrors the commitment to foster growth and nurture the PUBG Esports community.

Global Partner Team Applications

To maintain the program's high standards and align with the evolving landscape of PUBG Esports, the current eight Global Partner Teams will undergo a re-evaluation process. This ensures the sustained excellence and dedication of existing partners.

Prospective teams will undergo assessment based on three key criteria: Governance (20%), Fandom (60%), and History (20%).

  • Governance evaluates overall team status, stability, future commitments, and legal structure.
  • Fandom assesses the team's value and presence within the PUBG Esports audience, with a 20% increase in weight compared to last year.
  • History considers the team's previous participation records in PUBG Esports events and the overall health of players and coaching staff.

This comprehensive evaluation aims to select teams excelling not only in performance but also resonating with the global community.

Selection Process Commences for 2024 Teams

The selection process for the 2024 Global Partner Team program is now officially open for applications. Prospective teams can apply using the provided link until December 15th.

Following the initial screening, an internal evaluation by the PUBG Esports team will culminate in the announcement of the 2024 Global Partner Teams expected in mid-January 2024.

As PUBG Esports progresses, the commitment to fostering a dynamic and competitive environment remains unwavering, welcoming new teams and celebrating the continued excellence of existing partners.

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