Elon Musk Tests Twitch-Like Live Video Game Streaming on X, Formerly Twitter

Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur, and founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has taken another bold step by testing a Twitch-like video game streaming feature on X, formerly known as Twitter. This move comes after X recently introduced live video broadcasting capabilities, signaling the platform's intention to enter the gaming and streaming arena. Musk, under his gaming alias '@cyb3rgam3r420,' shared an hour-long session of Blizzard's Diablo Player versus Player (PvP) arena gameplay, generating considerable buzz in the gaming and social media communities.

The Emergence of Video Game Streaming on X

X has been making strategic moves to diversify its offerings beyond traditional microblogging. The platform unveiled a feature that allows users to broadcast live videos, and Elon Musk's recent gaming stream marks the company's foray into the world of video game streaming. Although the stream showcased gameplay, it currently lacks options for viewers to adjust video quality.

A Hint of Things to Come

Elon Musk had dropped hints about X's potential entry into the live video game streaming sector earlier this year, in June. Coincidentally, just days before Musk's reveal, Twitch implemented new rules that had a direct impact on streamers who earned money from branded content. This policy change prompted some video game streamers to explore alternatives like YouTube Gaming and Facebook Live.

Gaming's Presence on X

X boasts a significant gaming community, with approximately 91 million gamers actively participating on the platform. Data from X's marketing page reveals that there were around 70 gaming-related tweets per second between June 2020 and June 2021. With these impressive numbers, X is well-positioned to challenge established video game streaming platforms like Twitch.

Potential Impact on Twitch

X's entry into the video game streaming arena raises intriguing questions about the future of platforms like Twitch. If video game streaming gains traction on X, it could potentially siphon off viewers and creators from Twitch, impacting its popularity. The effectiveness of X's revenue generation program, introduced just two months ago, will also be a key factor in attracting and retaining creators.

X's Ongoing Evolution

X, no longer confined to its microblogging origins, has been steadily evolving. It has introduced features like 'Articles' for sharing long-form content and plans to roll out native audio and video calling capabilities, similar to WhatsApp. With these innovations, X is clearly striving to become a multifaceted social media platform under the leadership of CEO Linda Yaccarino.


Elon Musk's experimentation with video game streaming on X adds a new dimension to the platform's evolution. As X takes on established video game streaming giants like Twitch, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the platform's potential impact on the industry. Whether X's venture into this space proves to be a game-changer or merely a passing experiment remains to be seen, but it undeniably adds an exciting chapter to the ever-evolving world of social media and online entertainment.

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