Emirates Esports Federation & ITW Announce Launch of Global E-Gaming League (EGL)

The Emirates Esports Federation and ITW Global have united to introduce the E-Gaming League (EGL), a groundbreaking esports competition slated for April 2024 in the UAE. This league, hosting Indian gamers, promises a substantial prize pool and a chance to showcase talents on an international scale.

The EGL will stand as a multi-title league, enlisting 6 Franchise Team Owners to compete in games like DOTA, PUBG, and more. The league pioneers a franchise and draft format, allowing franchises to conduct player selections through drafts, mirroring established structures seen in traditional sports leagues.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Shakbout Al Nahyan, President of the Emirates Esports Federation, highlighted the EGL's role in nurturing Esports. The league's creation aims to foster a space where publishers, players, organizers, and brands collaborate harmoniously to propel Esports in the region.

Scheduled qualifiers in February and March 2024 will attract talent from the Middle East, UAE, India, China, South-East Asia, Europe, and the USA. This stringent selection process aims to enlist emerging talents and seasoned international players into the league's franchises.

Building a Platform for India's Esports Talents

Emphasizing the significance of Indian participation, Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Shakbout Al Nahyan emphasized the league's potential in elevating India's esports athletes on a global stage. The EGL is expected to redefine Esports dynamics and contribute significantly to its growth.

The league plans to draft top-ranked amateurs and future Esports stars through a meticulous player auction or draft system, a process managed by the franchises.

Nayeem Khan from ITW Global expressed excitement about the partnership with the Emirates Esports Federation, aiming to translate their extensive experience in sports into the world of Esports. EGL India is set for launch in October 2024, following the same concept.

Citing the "India Games Market Report 2023" by Niko Partners, the league aims to capitalize on India's burgeoning gaming market, projected to witness substantial growth in the coming years.

With plans for a grand commencement in April 2024, EGL's pre-event activities, beginning in February in the UAE, anticipate setting the stage for a groundbreaking inaugural edition.

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