Entity Gaming Secures Victory at Upthrust BGMI Diwali Battle 2023

Entity Gaming emerges as the dominant force in the Upthrust BGMI Diwali Battle 2023, showcasing exceptional skills and consistency over the two-day contest.

Entity Gaming's Victory

Led by Saumraj, Entity Gaming secured a remarkable total of 149 points, including 51 kills and 98 placement points. Their strategic prowess led to three Chicken Dinners in the 14 intense matches.

Runner-Up Drama

Blind Esports mirrored Entity Gaming's score of 149 points and achieved three Chicken Dinners. However, their lower placement points resulted in them settling for the runners-up title, adding a dramatic twist to the tournament.

Impressive Newcomer

Global Esports, a recently formed team, captured the spotlight, claiming the third position with 133 points. Despite not securing a Chicken Dinner, athletes Ninjaboi and Slug delivered outstanding performances, earning praise from fans.

Fan Favorite Award

Team Soul secured the fourth position with 131 points and received recognition as the fan favorite. Their loyal fanbase contributed to their acknowledgment in this closely contested tournament.

Honorable Mentions

Gods Reign claimed the sixth position, showcasing their competitive spirit. Blaze, from the winning Entity Gaming, stood out and was rightfully named the MVP of the Finale, underlining his exceptional individual performance.

In conclusion, the Upthrust BGMI Diwali Battle 2023 was a thrilling showcase of talent, strategy, and sportsmanship. Entity Gaming's triumph, the runner-up drama, and the rise of Global Esports added layers of excitement to this esports spectacle.

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