Evil Geniuses Clinch Victory in Thrilling Valorant Champions 2023

In a riveting showdown that kept fans on the edge of their seats, Evil Geniuses emerged triumphant as they secured victory over Paper Rex in the Valorant Champions tournament's grand final. With a resounding 3-1 win, Evil Geniuses etched their name in history as the new world champions of Valorant.

A Nail-biting Battle for Supremacy

The final clash proved to be a battle of titans, with both Evil Geniuses and Paper Rex showcasing their prowess at different junctures of the match. Paper Rex, coming in from the upper bracket, enjoyed a two-map ban advantage. Despite this, Evil Geniuses remained unfazed, conquering the Split, Bind, and Lotus maps to secure the coveted championship title.

A Tumultuous Narrative Unfolds

The early rounds of the grand final were marked by closely contested maps. Evil Geniuses claimed the first map with a score of 13-10, only to be countered by Paper Rex, who turned the tide with a 13-11 victory in the subsequent map. This shift transformed the best-of-five final into a tense best-of-three scenario. Yet, Evil Geniuses responded with dominance on Bind, securing a commanding 13-5 triumph and tipping the scales in their favor. The decisive final map, Louts, witnessed a hard-fought struggle, culminating in Evil Geniuses' 13-10 victory that solidified their championship glory.

A Grueling Path to Triumph

Evil Geniuses' journey to the final was no easy feat. They asserted their dominance in the group stage, emerging victorious with convincing 2-0 wins over FunPlus Phoenix and FUT Esports. As they advanced to the playoffs, their resilience was tested against formidable opponents. Overcoming EDward Gaming in a tense 2-1 clash and triumphing over DRX with a 2-0 score, Evil Geniuses set the stage for their encounter with Paper Rex. Although they faced defeat in the upper bracket match against Paper Rex (2-1, with an overtime finish), Evil Geniuses remained undeterred. They navigated through a close battle against reigning champions Loud, securing a 3-2 victory and earning their spot in the final showdown.

Paper Rex's Tenacious Journey

Likewise, Paper Rex showcased their mettle, dominating the group stage by defeating KRÜ Esports and EDward Gaming with commanding 2-0 victories. Their momentum continued into the playoffs, where they vanquished FUT Esports with a 2-0 sweep. An intense 2-1 victory against Loud propelled Paper Rex to the upper bracket final, where they clashed against Evil Geniuses for the first time.

Rewards of Triumph

Evil Geniuses' victory in the grand final not only crowned them as the Valorant World Champions but also bestowed upon them a substantial $1 million prize. Paper Rex secured the second-place position, earning $400,000, while the reigning champions, Loud, claimed third place with a prize of $250,000. The highly anticipated team, Fnatic, settled for fourth place, taking home $130,000 after a strong showing throughout the year.

A Spectacular Turnaround

The Valorant Champions tournament experienced a transformative shift from its slow and disappointing start to its electrifying conclusion. The final days of the event witnessed a significant improvement, capturing the excitement of the crowd. A standout moment was the unveiling of the new map, Sunset, in a truly epic fashion that resonated with fans. Anticipation looms for an even more remarkable event next year, with hopes of consistently riveting action throughout the tournament.

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