Evil Geniuses Contemplating Esports Departure by Year End

Seattle-based organization Evil Geniuses is reportedly exploring avenues to depart from the esports realm entirely by the conclusion of 2023, as indicated by a report from Sports Business Journal (SBJ). The organization's owners are actively seeking to sell off the team, either in its entirety or through piecemeal transactions.

Background on Evil Geniuses: Established Legacy

Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses has established a presence across prominent gaming titles like Valorant, League of Legends, Counter-Strike 2, and Dota 2. Speculation surrounding their exit surfaced primarily concerning their departure from the LCS 2024 circuit, specifically linked to their LoL team.

Uncertain Fate for Various Teams

While SBJ's report doesn't explicitly address the destiny of the Valorant, CS, or Dota 2 rosters, a potential complete dissolution could leave these teams without organizational support, raising concerns about their future.

Efforts to Sell the Esports Division: Inevitable Exit

Reports indicate that Peak6, EG's owner, has been endeavoring to offload their esports division for some time without success. The exact reasons motivating this decision remain undisclosed, signaling an imminent departure from the esports scene for the organization.

Mixed Performance and Nominations in 2023

EG's 2023 season witnessed a blend of achievements and challenges. Their Valorant team secured victory in Champions 2023 and earned a nomination for the Esports Team of the Year at the Game Awards 2023. Additionally, player Max "Demon1" Mazanov received a nomination in the Esports Player of the Year category.

Their Counter-Strike team currently holds the 37th global ranking, while their Dota 2 team concluded The International 2023 in the 13th-16th position from the South American region.

EG's Broad Fanbase and Inclusivity Commitment

Evil Geniuses boasts a significant legacy and a diverse fanbase, emphasizing their commitment to inclusivity. With over 14 million global followers, their statistics highlight a diverse demographic, with 17% identifying as LGBTQ+, 36% as women, and 46% as people of color.

Awaiting the Unfolding Future: Developing Story

This situation remains a developing story, capturing the attention of global fans eagerly awaiting updates on each roster under the EG banner. The fate of Evil Geniuses' various teams stands uncertain as the organization navigates a potential exit from the esports domain.

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