FaZe Clan and NIP Make History with Longest CS2 Match on LAN

FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) recently etched their names in the annals of Counter-Strike history, setting a remarkable record for the longest CS2 match on LAN during the ongoing CS2 Asia Championships 2023 in Shanghai, China.

The Epic Clash: FaZe Clan vs. NIP

In a thrilling best-of-one opening match, FaZe Clan and NIP engaged in a spectacular showdown, battling through an astounding 53 rounds on Ancient. The intense exchange saw both European lineups trading blows across multiple overtimes. FaZe Clan emerged victorious, finally closing the match with a 28-25 score, sealing their place in the CS2 record books.

FaZe Clan's CS2 Dominance

FaZe Clan's journey into the CS2 era has been nothing short of extraordinary. Fresh off their triumph at IEM Sydney 2023, where they secured a 13-0 sweep against ENCE on Anubis, FaZe Clan continued their record-breaking spree at the CS2 Asia Championships. The 9th of November marked their historic clash with NIP, where they not only played the longest CS2 match on LAN but also emerged triumphant.

Match Breakdown: FaZe Clan vs. NIP

Breaking down the epic encounter:

  • Regulation Time: FaZe Clan (T-5 Rounds | CT-7 Rounds), NIP (CT-7 Rounds | T-5 Rounds)
  • Overtime 1 to 5: Each overtime saw FaZe Clan and NIP trading rounds, culminating in FaZe Clan's 28-25 victory.

The Aftermath: FaZe Clan's Continued Triumph

Following the record-setting match, FaZe Clan faced MOUZ in the winners match of their group, securing a 2-1 series victory. This win ensured FaZe Clan a direct spot in the semifinals of CS2 Asia Championship 2023. As they await the winners of the quarterfinal match on the 12th of November, FaZe Clan aims to extend their sublime form, eyeing a third consecutive victory in the Counter-Strike 2 tournament realm.


FaZe Clan's dominance in the CS2 arena persists, with their latest feat against NIP solidifying their status as record-breakers. As the CS2 Asia Championship unfolds, all eyes are on FaZe Clan as they strive for another triumphant chapter in their impressive Counter-Strike journey.

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