Gladiators Esports Crowned Champions of BGMS Season 2

Gladiators Esports, a powerhouse in the Indian esports scene, has emerged victorious as the champions of Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2. Their remarkable journey to the top culminated in a nail-biting finish, where they secured a one-point lead over their closest rivals, Orangutan Gaming. The BGMI community was treated to a display of unparalleled skill and determination as Gladiators Esports etched their name in the annals of gaming history.

The Triumph of Gladiators Esports

From the commencement of BGMS Season 2, Gladiators Esports displayed unwavering determination and resilience. Their remarkable performance led them to clinch the coveted title with an impressive 150 points. Hot on their heels was Orangutan Gaming, who came remarkably close with 149 points. Meanwhile, Velocity Gaming managed to climb the ranks to secure the third spot with 137 points.

Gladiators Esports vs. Orangutan Gaming: The Epic Showdown

The grand finals saw Gladiators Esports and Orangutan Gaming locked in a battle for supremacy. With 142 and 149 points respectively, Orangutan Gaming initially held a 7-point advantage. However, their hopes were dashed when Velocity Gaming eliminated them in the third zone without any placements. In contrast, Gladiators Esports exhibited calculated and tactical gameplay. During their journey to the play zone, they encountered Team iNSANE and 8bit, losing their in-game leader, Ammar “Destro” Khan. Despite this setback, they secured crucial points through finishes, a pivotal factor in their eventual victory. A later misstep cost them two players, but a strategic insurance play by Parth “DeltaPG” Garg secured the team’s 7th position.

BGMS Season 2 Prize Distribution

The impressive prize pool distribution for BGMS Season 2 highlighted the stakes of the tournament:

- 1st Place: Gladiators Esports - ₹10,000,000

- 2nd Place: Orangutan Gaming - ₹3,500,000

- 3rd Place: Velocity Gaming - ₹1,250,000

Individual Brilliance Recognized

Beyond the collective triumph, individual excellence was duly acknowledged through various awards. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) title was claimed by Gladiators Esports’ Justin “Justin” Nadar, a testament to his exceptional skill and his instrumental role in the team’s victory. The MVP award came with a cash prize of INR 1,20,000. Notably, Justin also earned the distinction of the TVS Most Wicked Player. Another standout was Team SouL’s Akshat “AkshaT” Goel, who was bestowed with the Audience’s Favorite Raider title.

Looking Ahead

With the conclusion of BGMS Season 2, attention shifts to the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023. The gaming community is eager to witness if Gladiators Esports can sustain their dominance and emerge triumphant once again or if a new contender will seize the spotlight.

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