Global Esports: In Search of a New Valorant Star to Replace SkRossi

Indian esports powerhouse, Global Esports, is on the verge of a significant change as it prepares to bid farewell to one of its longstanding members, Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar. With SkRossi's departure, Global Esports is setting its sights on exploring new talents to fill the gap and enhance its Valorant roster. This decision marks a pivotal moment for the organization, which has enjoyed a strong association with SkRossi since October 2020.

A Farewell to SkRossi

After a considerable period of collaboration, Global Esports has made the strategic choice to allow SkRossi to venture into new horizons. SkRossi's legacy within the organization is undeniable, having left an indelible mark on the world of Valorant. His contributions have not only elevated Global Esports but have also garnered a dedicated fan base that has followed his journey closely.

The Search for a Replacement

As the esports industry continues to evolve, Global Esports is committed to maintaining its competitive edge. The organization is now poised to delve into the Pacific region in search of a suitable replacement for SkRossi. While this decision is in line with speculation at this stage, Global Esports is known for its meticulous approach to team development, making the upcoming transition a topic of anticipation within the gaming community.

Valorant Roster Dynamics

Valorant, Riot Games' tactical first-person shooter, thrives on teamwork, strategy, and individual prowess. Global Esports' determination to enhance its roster underscores the significance of finding the right player who can seamlessly integrate into the team's strategies and contribute positively to its overall performance.

The Offseason Shuffle

Intriguingly, teams in partnered leagues are currently unable to sign new players to their Valorant rosters until the upcoming month. This temporary restriction is poised to trigger an offseason shuffle, with teams across major regions preparing to make strategic adjustments to their lineups. Global Esports, in its pursuit of excellence, is likely to capitalize on this period of change to secure the best possible talent.

A Recap of Global Esports' Journey

Global Esports emerged as the chosen representative of the Indian region in Riot Games' Valorant Champions Tour. However, despite the honor, the organization faced challenges in reaching the pinnacle of success within the Pacific region during the initial year. Earlier this year, Global Esports secured an eighth-place finish in the regular season of the VCT Pacific league.

SkRossi's Performance

Throughout the league, SkRossi showcased his skills with an overall rating of 1.02 and an impressive average combat score of 225.5, as reported by While his individual performance was commendable, Global Esports fell short of securing an automatic qualification for Masters, prompting the team to make a final push through the last-chance qualifier.

The Unfortunate Outcome

Regrettably, Global Esports faced a setback in its pursuit of Champions qualification. The team struggled to secure a single map victory during the event and ultimately landed in second to last place. Notably, SkRossi's performance during the event was reflected in his ranking as the second lowest-rated player, as documented by

Future Prospects

Global Esports remains undeterred by recent challenges, as the organization prepares to re-enter the VCT Pacific league in the upcoming year. The stage is set for an exciting showdown, as the team gears up to compete against some of the most formidable opponents the region has to offer. With a renewed determination to secure its position among the best, Global Esports is poised to make strategic decisions that will shape the trajectory of its Valorant journey.


The departure of SkRossi from Global Esports marks the beginning of a new chapter for both the organization and the gaming community at large. As the esports landscape continues to evolve, Global Esports' proactive approach to team enhancement demonstrates its commitment to excellence. The organization's meticulous search for a suitable replacement underscores its dedication to maintaining its competitive edge. As the offseason approaches and the esports world witnesses a flurry of roster changes, the future holds exciting possibilities for Global Esports' Valorant journey.

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