Google's $147 Million Bid: The Epic Fortnite Deal That Defied Expectations

During the heated Google vs Epic trial, a startling revelation emerged, uncovering Google's ambitious $147 million bid to bring Fortnite to the Play Store in 2018. This unprecedented deal, greenlit by Google's VP of Play Partnerships, aimed to solidify a lasting partnership and navigate potential challenges posed by alternative distribution methods.

Google's $147 Million Bid

Fortnite initially ventured into the Android realm in 2018 through unconventional channels like direct installations and Samsung's Galaxy app store, achieving immediate success. The sideloading approach, however, presented significant challenges. In response, Google orchestrated a multimillion-dollar deal, details of which surfaced amidst the ongoing legal dispute with Epic Games. The $147 million offer, approved by Google's VP Purnima Kochikar, was structured for incremental disbursement over three years, signaling Google's commitment to a long-term collaboration.

Epic's Choice

The motivation behind Google's unprecedented offer stemmed from concerns about a potential "contagion" effect, where major game developers might opt for independent app distribution, bypassing the Play Store and causing substantial revenue losses. Epic Games, however, chose to reject Google's lucrative proposal. This decision led to Fortnite's sideloaded debut on Android, and the repercussions unfolded in 2020 when Epic introduced direct payments, prompting removal from the Play Store and initiating a legal battle with both Google and Apple.


As the trial progresses, the revelation of Google's substantial offer adds a new layer to the intricate relationship between major game developers and app store platforms. It highlights the lengths Google was willing to go to secure Fortnite's place in the Play Store, offering valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of app distribution and the strategic maneuvers employed by tech giants.

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