GTA 6 Leak on TikTok Possibly Linked to Rockstar Games Employee’s Child

Recent purported leaks of GTA 6 footage on TikTok might have originated from the child of a Rockstar Games employee, reports suggest.

The UK-based gaming news outlet Eurogamer was the first to report that a TikTok account under the handle @i_see_in_4k posted two brief videos claiming to offer a “first look at GTA 6” last Saturday. The clips showcased glimpses resembling sections of the game’s map.

Source of Alleged GTA 6 Leak Uncovered: Potential Tie to Rockstar Games Insider's Child

Following the TikTok uploads, GTABase, a well-regarded gaming news platform, stated that “it seems the ‘leaked’ content could be from the child of a Rockstar Games employee,” as reported by IGN, a trusted source in gaming news coverage related to Rockstar games.

There’s been no official verification from Rockstar Games regarding the validity of the leaked content or any acknowledgment of an employee’s family member being involved in the dissemination of the footage.

GTABase noted in a Twitter post via X, previously Twitter, “The indications suggesting the video’s origin from a person connected to the mentioned employee are quite compelling. If true, it’s deeply disappointing, especially given its proximity to the official unveiling.”

In August, a UK court found Arion Kurtaj accountable for breaching Rockstar Games’ security, leading to a “significant” leak of GTA 6 footage, as reported by IGN. Another unnamed 17-year-old pleaded guilty to charges linked to the breach.

Reports revealed that authorities detained Kurtaj in a Travelodge as part of pretrial conditions for a prior hack involving two telecom companies. During this period, Kurtaj reportedly utilized an Amazon Fire stick to gain internet access and aid in the Rockstar Games hack, according to BBC reports.

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