The Indian gaming market is on the rise, predicted to reach INR 125 billion by the end of 2023. This presents a perfect opportunity for aspiring esports players to enter the scene and build a successful career. Whether you are an experienced esports player or just starting out, here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to join a BGMI esports team in India.

Option 1: Create Your Own BGMI Team

To begin, you can form your own BGMI team by recruiting players. Ensure your team consists of the following roles:

1. In-Game Leader (IGL): The IGL guides the team, providing strategic direction, making crucial decisions, and coordinating rotations and pushes.

2. Assaulter: This player possesses strong gunplay skills and the ability to clutch in challenging situations, such as 1v2 or 1v3 scenarios.

3. Free Man: Inspired by players like Jonathan, the Free Man’s role is to maximize kills and contribute to the team’s overall score.

4. Support: The Support player acts as the backbone of the team, offering assistance and support to teammates when needed.

Option 2: Join Established Organizations

Alternatively, you can aim to join renowned organizations such as S8UL, Godlike, OR Esports, Xo, Skylight, and others. However, joining these organizations requires official achievements.

Step 1: Build Your Squad

If you are new to the competitive scene, assemble a four-member squad comprising skilled players in each role mentioned earlier.

Step 2: Participate in T3, T2, and Paid Customs

To improve coordination and skills, participate in daily T3, T2, or paid customs. These practice matches allow your team to build synergy and learn from mistakes. Paid customs, in particular, provide a higher level of competition, exposing you to more serious and skilled opponents.

Step 3: Accumulate Achievements

To attract the attention of larger organizations, focus on acquiring both official and unofficial tournament achievements. Official achievements can be obtained from tournaments like BGIS, BMCO, and BMPS organized by Krafton. Unofficial achievements are awarded by third-party companies like Skyesports and Villager Esports.

The more achievements your team collects, the higher the chances of securing sponsorship or getting hired by big organizations. Notable achievements like reaching BGIS semi-finals or finals significantly increase your prospects.

Step 4: Approach Potential Sponsors

Once your team has amassed achievements, it’s time to approach potential sponsors. Reach out to organizations via their Instagram handles, sharing your team’s information and accomplishments. If you have impressive achievements, organizations may hire your team and provide sponsorships, salaries, and necessary resources.


With the Indian gaming market flourishing, aspiring esports players have an ideal opportunity to join a BGMI esports team. By following this step-by-step guide, whether by creating your own team or aiming to join established organizations, you can navigate the path to success. Remember to focus on building a skilled and cohesive team, accumulating achievements, and approaching potential sponsors. With dedication and hard work, you can turn your dreams into reality in the exciting world of BGMI esports in India.