IHC Esports Claims Victory in PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023

IHC Esports, representing Mongolia, emerged victorious at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2023. This talented team exhibited exceptional skills during the intense three-day Grand Finals, securing the championship title as the undisputed winners of the event’s fourth edition. The team earned a significant cash prize of $400,000 from the grand $3,000,000 prize pool.

Outstanding Performance and Triumph

IHC Esports gathered a remarkable total of 142 points, including 110 eliminations and a solitary Chicken Dinner, showcasing resilience and talent throughout the tournament. Their standout player, Zyol, claimed the prestigious MVP trophy, delivering a remarkable performance in the Finals with 37 kills and 7,616 damage.

Runner-Up and Third-Place Accomplishments

Despite a commendable effort, Stalwart Esports narrowly missed the top spot by four points, securing the runners-up title. Although previously positioned favorably, the squad faced challenges in Matches 18 and 19 of the Grand Finals, ultimately scoring only two points.

Alpha7 Esports from Brazil secured the third position in the championship with 131 points and 77 eliminations. Having previously ranked third in the 2022 PMGC, the team initially dominated the Finals but experienced a downturn in performance across the last six games, landing them in third place in this year’s event.

Diverse Performances in the Rankings

Debuting in the PMGC tournament, 4Merical Vibes, a Mongolian team, secured the fourth position with an impressive 127 points, backed by 84 eliminations. D’Xavier from Vietnam claimed the fifth spot with 124 points, followed by FaZe Clan.

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