Is Krafton Bringing Global Matchmaking to BGMI? A Potential Game-Changer for Indian Esports

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a popular battle royale game developed by Krafton, continues to captivate Indian gamers with its evolving features and gameplay. Since its inception, Krafton has remained committed to enhancing the gaming experience through events, skins, and various innovative additions. The latest buzz suggests that Krafton is considering a significant addition to BGMI – global matchmaking. This feature would enable players to engage with fellow gamers from different parts of the world, potentially transforming the Indian esports landscape.

Global Matchmaking in BGMI: A Glimpse into the Future

BGMI has been tailored to cater specifically to the Indian gaming community. However, it currently lacks the option for global matchmaking. Recently, a leaked image has stirred excitement among players, hinting at the possibility of changing servers from India to various international regions. These regions include North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, and KRJP (Korea and Japan). The introduction of global matchmaking to BGMI represents a substantial stride by Krafton, opening the doors to international exposure for esports enthusiasts and players alike.

The Crucial Perspectives of Pro Players

The voices of professional players within the BGMI community further underscore the significance of global matchmaking. Tanmay “Scout” Singh, who represented 7Sea Esports at an international PUBG Mobile event, emphasized the need for global matchmaking to compete effectively on the global stage. He drew from his personal experience to assert that access to international players through matchmaking is crucial for honing skills and understanding different playing styles. Similarly, Saumya “Saumraj” Raj, a prominent player from Entity, expressed optimism about the prospect of global matchmaking enhancing the BGMI experience.

Challenges and Opportunities in Indian Esports

BGMI, with its current regional focus, holds dedicated tournaments and events centered around the Indian player base. However, international players are excluded from participating in these events. The advent of global matchmaking would transcend these limitations, allowing Indian players to measure their skills against global competitors. Presently, Indian esports athletes primarily rely on domestic opponents for practice due to the region-specific nature of the game. This dynamic has led to a noticeable gap in performance when Indian teams participate in global events.

Elevating Indian Esports through Global Matchmaking

The absence of interactions between Indian and international teams since PMWL Season 0 highlights the eagerness of Indian players for the global matchmaking feature. This anticipated addition could potentially level the playing field by affording Indian players the opportunity to challenge international teams and enhance their skills. Despite the anticipation and enthusiasm, Krafton has not issued an official statement regarding the implementation of global matchmaking. Players remain vigilant for forthcoming updates that could shape the future of BGMI's competitive landscape.


The potential introduction of global matchmaking to BGMI has stirred considerable excitement and debate within the Indian gaming community. Krafton's commitment to innovation and enhancement has gamers eagerly awaiting further details on this game-changing feature. If implemented, global matchmaking could bridge the gap between Indian and international players, catalyzing the growth of Indian esports on a global scale. As the community holds its breath for official announcements, one thing is certain – the world of BGMI stands on the cusp of transformation.

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