Krafton Announces 'Project Black Budget': A New Extraction Shooter Set for 2024

Krafton, the minds behind PUBG, unveiled their upcoming game, 'Project Black Budget,' during a recent financial call. Set for release in the latter half of 2024, this extraction shooter is generating anticipation within the gaming community.

The Genre Trend

The emergence of extraction shooters has sparked interest in the gaming industry. However, many attempts in this genre have fallen short of audience expectations. Even major players like Call of Duty and Battlefield have struggled to sustain their versions of extraction shooters, eventually withdrawing support post-launch.

Krafton's Legacy

Krafton, renowned for creating PUBG, harbors a team experienced in crafting gaming hits. Their track record boasts PUBG's monumental success, achieving milestones like reaching 2 million concurrent players on Steam, a feat unmatched in gaming history.

The Mystery Surrounding 'Black Budget'

Details about 'Project Black Budget' remain scarce, leaving gamers intrigued. The teaser art hints at a departure from their previous ventures, indicating a fresh direction for Krafton.


Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the fate of extraction shooters in the gaming market, 'Project Black Budget' stands as Krafton's ambitious entry. The anticipation looms large, leaving enthusiasts curious about this upcoming release.

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