Krafton India's Plans for Indian Gamers: CEO Sean Sohn Reveals Exciting Developments

Krafton India, the Indian subsidiary of the renowned Korean gaming company, Krafton, is making significant strides in the Indian gaming industry. Recently, the company organized an international esports event that brought Indian and South Korean teams together, captivating both gamers and government officials. In an exclusive interview with Business Today, Krafton India's CEO, Sean Sohn, shed light on the company's vision for India's gaming future, including the introduction of new games and the positive direction of government policies.

The Motivation Behind the Event

The esports event hosted by Krafton India in Delhi was a showcase of the company's commitment to making gaming fun and exciting for a wide range of stakeholders. CEO Sean Sohn emphasized the importance of demonstrating the potential of their games to government regulators and the general public. According to Sohn, the event aimed to convince skeptics that esports could become a mainstream phenomenon in the near future.

Government's Perception of Esports

One of the most notable outcomes of the event was the impact it had on government officials. Sean Sohn noted that several government representatives present at the event were beginning to recognize the mainstream potential of esports in India. This shift in perspective could lead to more supportive policies and initiatives to bolster the gaming industry.

The State of Gaming in India

Sean Sohn expressed his belief that gaming enjoys widespread popularity in India. He highlighted the demand for esports content, where individuals aspire to compete, win, and rise from grassroots players to heroes. This enthusiasm is not limited to traditional sports, as virtual football and games like "Region" offer accessible pathways to success without requiring significant financial investments.

Unlocking the Gaming Potential

Krafton India's long-term vision for the Indian gaming community involves venturing into unexplored gaming genres and experiences. Much like their successful incubator program, the company aims to support and mentor young and small game developers. By doing so, they hope to contribute to the growth of the gaming industry and the creation of unique gaming experiences tailored for Indian gamers.

Government Policies and Esports Adoption

Sohn acknowledged the challenges of adopting esports at a national level in a vast and diverse country like India. He noted that progress may be slower compared to some other countries with more homogenous environments. However, he emphasized the positive direction government policies are taking. Government officials are increasingly seeking input and information about the esports industry, a sign that they are becoming more informed and supportive.

Government's Role in the Gaming Industry

The recent increase in online gaming taxes, although restrictive in the short term, reflects a recognition within the bureaucratic system of the gaming industry's significance. Sean Sohn believes that while it may take time, the gaming industry is gaining acknowledgment within government circles. This acknowledgment could lead to more favorable policies and initiatives that promote growth and innovation within the gaming sector.

Krafton India, under the leadership of CEO Sean Sohn, is on a mission to revolutionize the Indian gaming landscape. With their commitment to introducing new games and supporting budding developers, they are paving the way for an exciting future for Indian gamers. Despite the challenges posed by diverse state environments and government policies, the positive momentum in the Indian gaming industry is undeniable, making it an exciting time for both gamers and developers in the country.

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