Owais Discusses the Lack of BGMI Coaches in India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has soared in popularity within India's esports scene since its unbanning earlier this year. The game's competitive landscape has grown considerably, witnessing an influx of talented young players and teams striving to make their mark. As the number of competitors grows, established teams seek proficient coaches to strategize and counter their opponents effectively.

Owais Highlights the Coach Shortage

Mohammed "Owais" Lakhani recently addressed the dearth of competent coaches in India. He emphasized the potential transition of retiring competitive players into coaching roles, sharing his desire to play under a capable coach in the future. Owais expressed confidence that his coaching stint would bring contentment to all players.

Scarcity of Coaches in India

Responding to a viewer's query about the absence of skilled coaches in India, Owais clarified that while the country does possess coaches, their numbers fall short of the prevailing demand. He attributed this scarcity to the current generation being the pioneers in the competitive BGMI landscape. However, Owais foresaw a rise in the availability of coaches once this generation transitions out of active competitive play, drawing parallels with international teams where former PUBG PC players assumed coaching roles for PUBG Mobile teams.

Insights from International Encounters

Owais recounted an encounter during the India vs Korea Invitational where he met the coach of Dplus Kia. The coach, once a competitive esports player parallel to Owais' tenure, opted for coaching due to the scarcity of proficient coaches in Korea, illustrating a similar scenario to that in India.

The Emerging Opportunity

With the escalating need for adept coaches in India's burgeoning BGMI esports scene, there's an anticipation for current competitive players to consider coaching roles. The evolving landscape presents a burgeoning opportunity for players to transition into coaching positions, potentially addressing the shortage of proficient coaches in the country.

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