Revenant Esports' Exciting New Signings: CycloneF and shandarez

In a thrilling development for the esports world, Revenant Esports has officially welcomed two exceptional talents to their CS:GO roster. CycloneF and shandarez, both skilled players in their own right, are set to bring a fresh wave of competitiveness to the team. Revenant Esports, who secured a commendable second-place finish at the Skyesports Masters, have taken decisive steps to strengthen their lineup. This article delves into the exciting signings of CycloneF and shandarez, shedding light on their backgrounds, and the impact they're expected to make on the team's performance.

CycloneF: A Rising Star

CycloneF, the first of Revenant Esports' new acquisitions, joins the team after an impressive stint with 7Sea Esports. During his time with 7Sea, CycloneF caught the attention of CS:GO enthusiasts with his stellar individual performances. As a rifler, he displayed remarkable skills, often standing out as a key player for his former team. However, his journey with 7Sea came to an abrupt end when the organization decided to part ways with their entire roster following the Skyesports Masters LAN Playoffs.

CycloneF's arrival at Revenant Esports is met with anticipation, as fans eagerly await his synergy with the existing roster. His knack for clutch plays and consistent fragging makes him a valuable asset to the team's pursuit of victory in the competitive CS:GO scene.

Shandarez: A Foreign Addition

The second notable addition to Revenant Esports' CS:GO roster is shandarez, a foreign talent hailing from Russia. This signing marks shandarez as the second foreigner to join the team, following the arrival of gump. The inclusion of international players brings a diverse range of strategies and gameplay styles to the squad, enhancing Revenant's versatility on the battlefield.

Shandarez's reputation precedes him, as he has made a name for himself with his exceptional CS:GO skills. His experience in navigating high-pressure situations and his proficiency in adapting to different playstyles make him a valuable asset for Revenant Esports. The Russian sensation is poised to make a significant impact on the team's journey to success.

A New Chapter Begins

With the arrival of CycloneF and shandarez, Revenant Esports bids farewell to 3nable and SKw0W, who have contributed to the team's growth and achievements. The decision to bring in fresh talent is a strategic move aimed at elevating the team's performance and maintaining their competitive edge. Fans of Revenant Esports can witness the new roster in action as they take on Marcos Gaming in the Skyesports Souvenir India Qualifiers, promising an exciting showdown that will showcase the team's revamped lineup.

Marcos Gaming's Roster Shakeup

Revenant Esports is not the only team undergoing significant changes. Marcos Gaming, their opponents in the upcoming Skyesports Souvenir India Qualifiers, have also revealed a new-look roster. With the inclusion of Rossi and DiceDealer, Marcos Gaming is gearing up for their own transformation, setting the stage for a thrilling competition between the two revamped teams.


Revenant Esports' announcement of CycloneF and shandarez as their latest signings marks an exciting chapter in their CS:GO journey. These talented players bring unique strengths and international flair to the team, signaling a new era of competitiveness. As the team prepares to face Marcos Gaming in the Skyesports Souvenir India Qualifiers, the esports community eagerly awaits the showdown, curious to see how these fresh additions will impact Revenant Esports' quest for glory. Stay tuned for high-octane CS:GO action and witness the evolution of Revenant Esports firsthand.

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