S8UL Secures 'Esports Content Creator Of The Year' Title, Mortal Misses 'Esports Personality Of The Year

India's eminent esports powerhouse, S8UL, clinches the prestigious 'Esports Content Creator of the Year' accolade for the second consecutive year at the esteemed Global Esports Awards 2023. Meanwhile, Mortal, also known as Naman Mathur, faced a miss in the 'Esports Personality of the Year' category, secured by Disguised Toast.

S8UL's Streak: Esports Content Creator Title

Marking a monumental achievement, S8UL, India's prominent esports organization, secures the coveted 'Esports Content Creator of the Year' award for the second consecutive year at the Global Esports Awards 2023. Notably, Naman Mathur, popularly known as Mortal, was a nominee for 'Esports Personality of the Year,' a title ultimately claimed by Disguised Toast.

Founding Pioneers of S8UL: Setting Benchmarks

S8UL, founded by Animesh Agarwal (8Bit Thug), Lokesh Jain (Goldy), and Naman Mathur (Mortal), stands tall amongst international competitors like Christian "IWDominate" Rivera and Timothy "ITZTIMMY" An, establishing a unique imprint within the esports sphere.

Lokesh Jain's Reflections: Celebrating Dedication and Support

Lokesh Jain, Co-Founder of S8UL and 8Bit Creatives, underscores this triumph as a testament to dedication, tireless efforts by creators, and unwavering fan support. S8UL's influence has reshaped gaming and content perceptions in India, exerting a global impact on Indian esports and game development.

S8UL's Roster: Renowned Content Creators

Renowned for housing prominent content creators, S8UL boasts a roster including Mortal, Scout, Payal, Mamba, Snax, Rega, Krutika, Sidd, and Kaashvi, each commanding a massive fan following in the country's gaming community.

Animesh Agarwal's Perspective: Reflecting on Victory

Animesh Agarwal, Co-Founder of S8UL and 8Bit Creatives, expresses elation over clinching victory twice in this competitive category. He views this triumph as a culmination of yet another historic year for the community.

Mortal's Pride: Celebrating Indian Esports

Naman 'Mortal' Mathur, acknowledging S8UL's dual victories at the Esports Awards, emphasizes the significance of this achievement, not just for the organization but for the entirety of India's esports community, marking a moment of pride and distinction.

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