Studio Sirah Unveils Kurukshetra: Ascension – A Dive into Indian Mythology

IGN India's 'Games Made in India' series spotlights the burgeoning game development landscape within the country. In its latest episode, the spotlight falls on 'Kurukshetra: Ascension,' a free-to-play strategy game crafted by Studio Sirah. Co-founders Abhaas Shah and Prateek Shah delve into the journey of creating this captivating gaming experience, sharing insights into their motivations, challenges, and inspirations.

Genesis of Game Development: Pandemic and Indian Gaming

Abhaas Shah details their foray into game development, attributing it to two pivotal factors: the pandemic's impact and a void in engaging Indian games. Fueled by their passion for strategy games and RPGs, the duo embarked on this journey with the aim to fill this gap in the gaming landscape.

Cultural Heritage in Gaming: The Mahabharata Adaptation

Driven by a desire to showcase India's rich cultural heritage, Abhaas and Prateek envisioned adapting the epic tale of the Mahabharata into a gaming narrative. Commencing independently and later securing funding, they've assembled a dedicated team to materialize this ambitious project.

Challenges and Triumphs: Assembling Talent and Securing Funds

Prateek highlights the challenge of uniting a team with diverse yet isolated talents across various domains. Additionally, navigating the terrain of funding, attracting investors, and communicating the game's essence posed hurdles for the indie studio, competing against industry giants.

Inspirations and Narrative Design: The Essence of Kurukshetra: Ascension

Abhaas shares insights into Kurukshetra: Ascension's inspiration, drawing from games like Hearthstone and Gwent. However, the focal point remains weaving the mythological narrative, especially through the single-player campaign, offering players a glimpse into the lives of iconic historical figures.

Playability and Future Prospects: Kurukshetra: Ascension's Availability

The game, accessible on Android, iOS, and PC via Steam, offers a playable experience rooted in Indian mythology. Studio Sirah plans future content updates, aiming to expand the game's offerings and reach.

Conclusion: Merging Gaming and Indian Heritage

Studio Sirah's Kurukshetra: Ascension stands as a testament to the intersection of gaming innovation and India's rich cultural tapestry. The game's journey signifies a compelling stride in infusing mythology into interactive gaming experiences, paving the way for future explorations in Indian-centric gaming narratives.

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