T1’s Post-Worlds 2023 Overhaul: kkOma’s Return and Roster Speculations

Following their recent triumph at Worlds 2023, T1 swiftly initiates changes within their League of Legends team. Notably, the return of the iconic coach, kkOma, signals a strategic reconfiguration. This move triggers adjustments in the coaching roster, with Sky and Roach departing while Tom transitions from Interim Head Coach to Coach, effectively placing kkOma back in the Head Coach role within the prestigious team.

kkOma: A Legendary Force in Competitive League

kkOma’s legacy in competitive League of Legends is illustrious. Renowned for guiding Faker and SKT T1 to three World Championships in 2013, 2015, and 2016, the 37-year-old coach is widely regarded as one of the greatest mentors in the game’s history. His tenure with SKT continued until the end of 2019. Thereafter, a stint with China’s Vici Gaming ended without notable success, as the team failed to qualify for playoffs throughout the 2020 season. Subsequently, kkOma returned to South Korea, joining DWG KIA after their Worlds 2020 victory. Under his guidance, DWG KIA reached the finals of the Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds in 2021, falling short against Royal Never Give Up and EDwards Gaming, respectively. In 2022, he held the role of Athletic Director at DWG KIA before taking a break in 2023. Now, he reenters the competitive League scene by rejoining T1.

Coaching Shifts and Player Contracts

While T1 swiftly restructured its coaching staff, attention now turns to the players. The contracts of Zeus, Gumayusi, and Keria expired on Nov. 20, prompting discussions between players and the organization regarding potential contract renewals. Fans eagerly anticipate whether the existing roster will remain unchanged or undergo alterations following the significant coaching transition.

Anticipation Amidst Rebirth: T1’s Future Path

The return of kkOma and the shuffle within T1’s coaching staff have ignited speculation and anticipation among fans and the League community. As the dust settles from their Worlds 2023 conquest, all eyes are on T1 to see how they navigate this pivotal period, both in coaching dynamics and potential roster adjustments. The anticipation of a formidable T1 lineup continues to fuel discussions and curiosity among esports enthusiasts worldwide.

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