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Total Gaming, popularly known as Ajju Bhai, has emerged as a gaming sensation on YouTube, capturing the hearts of millions with his Garena Free Fire live streams. Born as Ajendra Variya in 1996 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, this 28-year-old Indian gaming maestro has risen to become the most subscribed gaming YouTuber in the country.

Total Gaming's Personal Information

NameAjendra Variya
Date Of Birth30th May, 1996
Date of Joining YoutubeDecember 2, 2018
Net Worth$3 Million
ResidenceAhmedabad, Gujarat, India

Total Gaming's YouTube Channels

Total Gaming38.5M Subscribers
Ajay Verse6.59M Subscribers
AJJUBHAI655K Subscribers
TG Highlights1.36M Subscribers
Total Gaming Shorts1.91M Subscribers
TG Tournaments 351K Subscribers

Total Gaming: Social Media 

Ajju Bhai’s influence extends beyond YouTube, boasting 4.2 million followers on Instagram, 5 million on Facebook, and 263.8k on Twitter. His multifaceted approach to gaming content has garnered a massive fan base across platforms.

Total Gaming: The Journey From Ajay to Ajju Bhai

Ajay’s gaming venture commenced in 2015 when he delved into low-end mobile games like Clash of Clans. However, the turning point arrived in 2018 when he discovered Garena Free Fire, a game gaining traction in India. Despite lacking a suitable mobile device, Ajay mastered the game on his PC and decided to share his expertise through YouTube.

Initially focusing on Free Fire tips-and-tricks played on PC, Ajay transitioned to mobile gaming after acquiring a more capable device. The “Clash Squad” mode became a staple in his content, eventually expanding to include Grand Theft Auto 5, Spiderman, and Incredible Hulk, establishing him as one of India’s few variety live-streamers.

Total Gaming: Net Worth

Ajju Bhai’s estimated net worth of $3 million reflects his multifaceted income streams. YouTube earnings, averaging $7K per video, contribute significantly, complemented by lucrative brand-sponsored deals, where he can command upwards of $10K per video. Instagram, with 4.2 million followers, presents additional revenue opportunities, potentially reaching $7K per brand-sponsored post.

Total Gaming: Girlfriend and Personal Life

Total Gaming, aka Ajju Bhai, maintains a private stance regarding his personal life. No details are disclosed about his family, and the enigma extends to his relationship status. While he has not revealed any information about his girlfriend, Ajju Bhai’s focus on preserving his personal space allows fans to appreciate him solely for his gaming prowess without delving into his familial or romantic aspects. The gaming maestro strikes a balance between his public and private life, letting the pixels on his screen define his narrative.

Total Gaming: Free Fire ID

Known as AjjuBhai94 in-game, Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID is 451012596, symbolising his gaming prowess. In-game name, AjjuBhai94, was inspired by the movie “Welcome Back.”

Total Gaming: Ajju Bhai’s Coding Capabilities

Beyond his gaming prowess, Total Gaming, alias Ajju Bhai, exhibits a unique blend of talents. While commanding the gaming realm, Ajju Bhai is also a skilled software engineer, freelancer, and growth hacker. His proficiency extends to coding in various languages, including PHP and JavaScript, showcasing a depth of technical expertise. This dual proficiency sets him apart, allowing him to seamlessly navigate between his roles as a gaming influencer and a professional in the software industry. 

Ajju Bhai’s strategic collaborations with gaming industry giants like Scout, Dynamo, and Mortal highlight not only his gaming skills but also his ability to foster connections within the gaming community, further solidifying his standing as a versatile and influential figure.


Q: How did Total Gaming’s gaming journey begin?

A: Total Gaming started with low-end mobile games in 2015 and transitioned to Garena Free Fire in 2018.

Q: What is Total Gaming’s net worth?

A: Total Gaming’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, primarily from YouTube and esports competitions.

Q: Does Total Gaming reveal details about his girlfriend?

A: Total Gaming keeps his girlfriend’s details private, maintaining a focus on his gaming and professional endeavours.

Q: What sets Total Gaming apart as a content creator?

A: Total Gaming’s versatility, from Free Fire to GTA5, and strategic collaborations with gaming industry giants like Scout, Dynamo, and Mortal contribute to his standout status.

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