VALORANT’s Newest Map “Sunset” Revealed: A Glimpse into the Map's Features and Release Date

VALORANT enthusiasts have been buzzing with excitement as a sneak peek of the game's newest map, "Sunset," has emerged, thanks to an insider's leak. This forthcoming map, set to be located in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, is set to join the array of battlegrounds in the VALORANT universe. As players anticipate its release, we delve into the unique features of this map and the anticipated launch date, eager to discover what Riot Games has in store for the gaming community.

Rising Beyond Boundaries

In its journey from beta to present-day prominence, VALORANT has evolved with each new chapter, introducing captivating maps that add depth to its tactical gameplay. While Episode 4 saw no new maps, the game's library currently boasts 9 engaging maps. The most recent addition, "Lotus," was integrated into the game with the 6.00 update. However, ValorLeaks, a reliable source for insider information, has now unveiled the tenth official map for VALORANT: "Sunset."

Exploring the Sunset

With the assistance of ValorLeaks, players have been granted their initial glimpse into the world of the Sunset map. At first glance, the color palette might bear a resemblance to the beloved "Ascent." Yet, upon closer examination, subtle yet significant differences emerge in terms of map design and layout. Situated in the illustrious city of Los Angeles, California, Sunset marks the second VALORANT map based in the United States, promising an intriguing backdrop for intense showdowns.

A Structure of Strategy

According to the insights gleaned from ValorLeaks, the Sunset map will host two distinctive sites, setting the stage for strategic gameplay. However, unlike some of its counterparts, this map will not feature special elements such as teleporters or one-way zip lines. The simplicity of the map's layout encourages players to rely on their tactical prowess and gunplay skills, promising a fresh and riveting gaming experience.

Yearning for Innovation

The reception of the last three maps, namely Lotus, Pearl, and Fracture, was met with disappointment among players due to various issues. In light of this, the VALORANT community is holding out hope that Riot Games will break this pattern with Sunset. As anticipation mounts, players are eager for a map that not only offers aesthetic brilliance but also impeccable gameplay dynamics that resonate with the gaming community.

Countdown to Sunset

The eagerly awaited release date of the Sunset map has been revealed. Players can anticipate diving into this new terrain with the launch of VALORANT's Episode 7 Act 2 update, scheduled to go live on August 29, 2023. With this announcement, the countdown to the release of Sunset begins, ushering in a new chapter of tactical battles and adrenaline-pumping gameplay.

Agents Assemble

As a tantalizing teaser, VALORANT enthusiasts were treated to an image featuring the agents Sova, Reyna, Gekko, Brimstone, and the newest addition, Agent Deadlock. This formidable lineup stands poised for battle within the Sunset map's uncharted territories. Accompanied by the caption, "Brimstone Pre Mission Log 1: We’re Ready," the image fuels the excitement and speculation surrounding the upcoming map.


With the unveiling of VALORANT's latest map, "Sunset," players are in for a treat that combines strategic intricacies with an alluring backdrop inspired by the iconic city of Los Angeles. As Riot Games prepares to introduce this map in the Episode 7 Act 2 update, players are bracing themselves for a dynamic and engaging addition to the VALORANT universe. The Sunset map promises to reshape tactical gameplay, providing an arena where skill and strategy converge in the pursuit of victory.

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