Wolves Esports Expands into VALORANT Esports: A Chinese Connection

Wolves Esports, the esports division of the renowned English Premier League's Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, is making waves as it steps into the realm of VALORANT Esports for the upcoming season in China. This bold move was unveiled through an announcement on Weibo, marking their entrance into the Chinese esports circuit. While this may seem like a new endeavor, Wolves Esports has a strong history and connection with the Chinese market, making this transition all the more intriguing.

Wolves Esports' Chinese Ventures

Wolves Esports isn't a stranger to the Chinese market. The organization has previously devoted a substantial portion of its operations to this vibrant region. Currently, Wolves Esports fields teams in various esports titles, including Honor of Kings (AoV), Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, FIFA Online 4, Identity V, QQ Speed, Naraka Bladepoint, and Street Fighter 6. Remarkably, six out of these eight teams are based in China. Among their achievements, their Honor of Kings squad stands out as it clinched the 2021 HoK World Champion Cup and more recently, secured the King Pro League Spring 2023 title.

The Fosun Group Connection

What's fascinating is the connection Wolves Esports shares with Evil Geniuses, a prominent name in the esports industry. The Wolves emblem was proudly displayed on the left side of the jerseys worn by the 2023 world champions during the season. This close association arises from the fact that the ownership of Wolves Esports lies with the Chinese multinational conglomerate, Fosun Group, which also holds a minority share in the Seattle-based Evil Geniuses. This connection highlights the global reach and influence of Fosun Group in the esports arena.

Joining Wolves Esports VALORANT

For those eager to be a part of Wolves Esports' VALORANT journey, certain prerequisites must be met. Applicants need to be 18 years or older and must obtain permission from a legal guardian. Furthermore, they are expected to exhibit good behavior, adhere to management guidelines, and demonstrate strong self-discipline, essential traits for success in the competitive esports landscape. Additionally, interested individuals must achieve a Radiant rank in any recent Act and submit their CV and personal details to Wolves Esports representatives. These stringent requirements ensure that only the most dedicated and skilled players become part of the team.

Wolverhampton Wanderers: A Legacy of Success

Wolverhampton Wanderers, affectionately known as Wolves, boasts a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1877. As one of England's oldest and most respected football clubs, they currently compete in the globally watched Premier League, which has an annual cumulative audience of 3.2 billion people across 188 countries. 

Pioneers of Professional Football

In 1888, Wolves made history as one of the twelve teams that founded the first professional football league. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a journey that would see the club achieve remarkable success over the years.

A Treasure Trove of Trophies

Wolves' 140-year journey through all four divisions of the English football pyramid has seen them accumulate a total of 17 major trophies in their history. This impressive haul includes 11 league titles, four FA Cups, and two League Cups. 

The Chinese Connection

In 2016, Wolves entered a new chapter in their history when they were acquired by the Chinese consumer technology company Fosun International. This acquisition paved the way for their return to the Premier League in 2018, followed by outstanding performances in the Europa League and back-to-back seventh-placed finishes in the top tier of English football.

In conclusion, Wolves Esports' foray into VALORANT Esports in China is an exciting development that builds on the club's enduring legacy and its strong ties to the Chinese market. With Fosun Group's backing and a commitment to excellence, Wolves Esports is poised to make a significant impact in the competitive world of esports, further cementing their position as a global sports and esports powerhouse.

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