Budgets 2023 brings about significant changes for the Gaming Industry

Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman has brought about some significant changes in our national budget for 2023-24 which also incorporates some new Acts on Gaming and Esports Industry.

Our reputable Finance minister declared openly that the minimum threshold limit of Rs 10,000 for calculating TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) will be completely removed. The person responsible for paying the winnings will have to bear the responsibility of paying a 30% tax on the winning amount during the time of withdrawal.

Check out what some of the experts had to say about the new modifications in the Income Tax Act

“Developer dedication to expanding mobile gaming in India and the advent of different employment opportunities through mobile gaming have all contributed to an increase in the number of Indians adopting mobile gaming,” said Animesh Agarwal founder and CEO of 8bit Creatives.

“This has also contributed to the growth of the mobile device sector, as professional gamers frequently seek to upgrade their devices as they progress in their career. Even casual gamers seek better devices in their gaming journey.”

We have seen staggering growth in the mobile gaming industry in the past couple of years due to which the recent budget has seen a fall in the customs duty for importing mobile parts and an increased effort to develop 5G connectivity. 

“We applaud the government’s significant initiative to rationalise direct taxes in the online gaming sector. The amendment to sections 194B and 115BB of the Income Tax Act 1961 specifying that TDS be calculated on net winnings and thereby allowing offset of losses are steps in the right direction,” said Sameer Barde, chief executive officer (CEO) of E-Gaming Federation (EGF).

The whizzes and gamers of our Gaming community have embraced the two new changes brought about in the Income Tax Act,194BA (TDS of winnings from online games for online intermediaries) and 115BBJ (To compute surcharges for those who earn from online gaming).

A distinction between games of skill and games of chance is properly showcased. However, the government is yet to clarify the GST policies.