BGMI’s Resurgence: India Eyeing PMGC 2023

India’s dominance in PUBG Mobile esports is making a comeback through Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). With the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2023 on the horizon, Indian teams are in contention for coveted slots. Let’s explore this resurgence and the potential for Indian representation at PMGC, as discussed by PMWI caster Maximillian “MAXMAN” Barraud. 

The Words of Caster Maximillian “Maxman” Barraud:

“BGMI is back. People who joined PUBG Mobile Esports recently didn’t know that India was a massive powerhouse in PUBG Mobile. There are chances that they may get invited to PMGC.”

India’s Return to Power

PUBG Mobile held significant importance in India, boasting a passionate player base and a thriving esports community. With the launch of BGMI and its overwhelming response, India’s PUBG Mobile scene has experienced a resurgence. Emerging talent and a dedicated fanbase have further solidified India’s position as a formidable force in PUBG Mobile esports.

PMGC 2023: BGMI’s Ultimate Stage

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship serves as the pinnacle of PUBG Mobile esports. As PMGC 2023 approaches, there is a growing possibility of Indian teams securing slots. The tournament has been expanding its slots, providing opportunities for emerging regions like India. This opens the door for Indian teams to compete against the best on a global scale.

Potential Indian Contenders

India is home to established esports organizations with a track record of success. These organizations possess the necessary resources, infrastructure, and experience to nurture and support teams capable of competing internationally. Additionally, the Indian PUBG Mobile scene has seen the rise of promising talent, with players making their mark in domestic tournaments and gaining recognition.

Impact of Indian Slots

Securing Indian slots in PMGC 2023 would not only boost the popularity and reach of BGMI but also showcase Indian teams as fierce global competitors. Their participation would elevate the level of competition and provide a platform for Indian talent to shine. Inclusion of Indian teams in PMGC emphasizes the significance of representation and regional diversity, bringing together players and fans from diverse backgrounds.


With BGMI’s resurgence, India’s PUBG Mobile esports scene is poised for a triumphant return at PMGC 2023. Indian teams have the potential to secure slots based on their talent, achievements, and dedicated fanbase. Their participation would not only elevate BGMI’s stature but also celebrate the regional diversity and competitive spirit of esports on a global stage. The world eagerly awaits the PMGC 2023, anticipating the exciting gameplay and the rise of Indian contenders.