PUBG and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) are two of the most popular battle royale games played in India. Over the years, they have become a global phenomenon, with players and teams from all over the world competing for fame and fortune. In India, several esports organizations have made a name for themselves by participating in these games and earning big bucks.

Here is a breakdown of the top-earning Indian PUBG and BGMI esports teams, along with their total earnings:

  1. S8UL Esports – S8UL Esports, formed from the merger of Soul and 8Bit, is dominating the esports scene with their impressive gameplay and content creation. With a total of $335,500 earned from PUBG and BGMI, they are a force to be reckoned with.
  1. Godlike Esports – Godlike Esports has dominated the Pubg and Bgmi scene since 2018. With a recent lineup upgrade from Entity, including stars Jonathan, Neyo, Clutchgod, and Zgod, they’re now stronger than ever. And with earnings of $203,841, they’re not just a team to watch, they’re a team to beat.
  1. Orange Rock Esports – Orange Rock Esports has empowered Indian gamers since their August 2019 launch. They achieved a global first for any Indian team with a second place in PMWL 2020 and won PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1: League. Their total earnings are $193,000, making them a top Indian gaming team, inspiring a new generation of gamers.
  1. TSM Esports – TSM, a US esports org, joined PUBG Mobile in 2020 with Entity Gaming as TSM Entity. They left after the game’s India ban and formed a new BGMI roster. Their most iconic achievements are #2 in BGMI Series 2021, #6 in PMWL 2020: East. TSM’s total earning from PUBG and BGMI is around $123,000. 
  1. Team XO – Team XO is a top Indian esports organisation founded in 2019, excelling in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). They’ve earned over $114,956 and achieved #3 in BGMI Series 2021 and #8 in BGMI Pro Series – Season 1. With a performance-oriented approach, Team XO is a rising star in the world of esports.
  1. Entity Gaming – Entity Gaming joined the world of PUBG Mobile through The Terrifying Nightmare before teaming up with American Esports giants TSM to form IP TSM Entity. However, their partnership ended on July 22, 2021. Despite this, they managed to earn an impressive $110,500 from their PUBG and Bgmi endeavours.
  1. 7sea Esports – 7Sea Esports, backed by Ampverse, is a top-tier team in South Asia, ranked #5 in Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 and #4 in LOCO Diwali Battle: Grand Finals. They manage esports talent, sponsorships, content, and brand while pursuing BGMI esports, with $105,000 in total earnings from Pubg and BGMI.
  1. Skylightz Gaming – Skylightz Gaming dominates the Indian BGMI Esports scene, winning the historic BGIS 2021 and earning $97,500 in total. They’re also skilled in content creation and Talent Management. Watch out for this rising star!
  1. Global Esports – GE dominates the esports scene with 12 teams across 9 titles, winning over 40 times. In BGMI, they took first in Skyesports Champions Series and fourth in Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series – Season 1, earning $72,500. GE focuses on talent management, content creation, and coaching, making them a formidable force in BGMI and Valorant.
  1. Enigma Gaming – Meet India’s rising esports stars. Former PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, they turned disappointment into success with BGMI. They’re now #1 in Redbull M.E.O. S4: India, and excel in Valorant and Pokemon Unite too. With $61,923 in earnings just from BGMI, they are unstoppable. 
  1. Team iNSANE – TEAM iNSANE: India’s Esports powerhouse. From PUBG Mobile to BGMI, Freefire, and Codm, they dominate it all. With accolades like #3 in PUBG Mobile All Stars India 2019 and #2 in LOCO War of Glory: Grand Finals, they’re taking over content creation and talent management. Already earned $46,877 from BGMI alone.
  1. Chemin Esports – Chemin eSports, driven by performance and teamwork. #1 in Skyesports Pro League and #2 in Pro Warrior Cup S2: Conquest Round. Content creation, talent management, and training for Bgmi, Pokémon, and Free Fire. $42,519 in BGMI earnings. They’re the real deal.
  1. Marcos Gaming – Marcos Gaming acquired Zero Degree in December 2019 and is named after the Indian Navy’s special forces unit. Their notable achievements include #12 in PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1 and #2 in The Esports Club – BGMI Invitational Season 4. Marcos Gaming is currently pursuing esports in BGMI, FreeFire, and COC while also managing content creation and talent. Their impressive total earnings from BGMI are $32,084.
  1. Hyderabad Hydras – Introducing Hyderabad Hydras, formerly known as Team Tamilas. They finished 6th in the official BGMI tournament, BGIS, by Krafton. They also placed #6 in PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split 2020 India and #14 in PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia S1: Finals. Currently, they’re focusing solely on BGMI esports, with total earnings of $23,811.
  1. Team XSpark – Founded in 2019 by ScoutOP, a popular esports player and influencer in India, Team XSpark is a force to be reckoned with in the Indian Esports scene. They’ve achieved #4 in Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4: India and #1 in THUG Invitational: Season 4, and are currently focusing on BGMI under the management of 8bit creatives. With total earnings of $16,406 from BGMI, Team XSpark is definitely one to watch!