Since its release in July 2021, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), developed by South Korean company Krafton, has taken the Indian gaming market by storm. The game, a reincarnation of the banned PUBG Mobile, has crossed the remarkable milestone of 100 million registered users within a year of its launch. Krafton’s CEO, Changhan Kim, proudly announced, “BGMI’s first year has been a resounding success with millions of players joining to experience the game.”


PUBG Mobile was a beloved game in India, but it faced a nationwide ban in September 2020 due to security concerns. Responding swiftly, Krafton tailored a special edition of the game for the Indian audience, thus birthing BGMI. One of the key strategies that fueled BGMI’s rapid success was allowing players to transfer their progress and data from PUBG Mobile, ensuring a seamless transition and retaining a loyal user base.

Continuous Evolution and Player Engagement

Krafton’s commitment to constant updates and new features has kept BGMI engaging and relevant. The game has seen numerous updates since its launch, with the May 2024 update introducing a slew of new features. These include an official version of the Livik map, a new Core Circle mode, and enhancements to the Classic Mode. Players also enjoyed a first-anniversary lobby, exclusive in-game items, and special skin sales, keeping the excitement alive.

Building a Unique Indian Gaming Experience

Understanding the importance of localization, Krafton has curated gameplay that resonates with Indian users. This includes Indian-themed collaborations and events that celebrate local culture, fostering a deeper connection with the community. Such initiatives not only enhance player engagement but also demonstrate Krafton’s dedication to making BGMI a game tailored specifically for its Indian audience.

Major Tournaments and Esports Investments

Krafton’s vision for BGMI extends beyond casual gaming to the professional esports arena. The company has planned four major pro and semi-pro tournaments for 2024, namely BMOC, BMPS Season 1, BGIS Season 2, and BMPS Season 2. These tournaments collectively offer a substantial cash prize pool of Rs. 6 crores, providing significant incentives for competitive players.

Krafton’s investment in the Indian market is substantial, amounting to over $10 million (approximately Rs. 79 crore). This funding is aimed at bolstering the local gaming, esports, and entertainment sectors, reflecting the company’s long-term commitment to nurturing the Indian gaming ecosystem.

Community and Cultural Celebrations

BGMI has gone beyond mere gameplay by integrating cultural celebrations into its platform. The game has hosted India-centric events and collaborations that reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage. These events have included special game modes, festive in-game items, and thematic updates that resonate with Indian players, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Krafton’s Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Krafton aims to build on BGMI’s success by continuing to enhance the game with new content and features. The company is committed to listening to player feedback and making improvements that cater specifically to the preferences of the Indian gaming community. The planned tournaments for 2024 are just the beginning, as Krafton seeks to elevate the Indian esports scene to new heights.


BGMI’s journey from a reincarnation of PUBG Mobile to a beloved game in its own right has been nothing short of impressive. With over 100 million registered users, constant updates, significant investments in esports, and a deep connection with the Indian cultural landscape, Krafton has established BGMI as a cornerstone of mobile gaming in India. As the game continues to evolve, players can look forward to even more exciting developments and events that will enhance their gaming experience and further cement BGMI’s place in the hearts of Indian gamers.

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