Bookmaker BetBoom, in collaboration with tournament organiser FISSURE, has unveiled an exciting new Dota 2 LAN tournament called BetBoom Dacha. With a whopping $250,000 prize pool, the event promises a refreshing and laid-back approach compared to traditional high-stake competitions. Set to kick off on August 7th online, the LAN tournament will take place in a private house located in Yerevan, Armenia, offering a unique and relaxed setting with a pool and grill area. Let’s delve deeper into the tournament’s details and the participating teams.

A Laid-Back Atmosphere for Dota 2 Fans
Relaxed Vibes and Casual Conversations

BetBoom Dacha seeks to set itself apart from typical professional esports events by fostering a more laid-back atmosphere. The organizers plan to exchange formal interviews with relaxed conversations, allowing the players and fans to engage on a personal level. The chosen venue, a private house in Armenia, aims to create a cozy and comfortable ambiance, reminiscent of Beyond the Summit’s historical tournaments.

The Invited LAN Teams and Format
Rising Stars and Notable Participants

The tournament will feature seven invited LAN teams, showcasing their skills and competing for the prestigious title. Among them are Riyadh Masters victors Team Spirit, Bali Major champions Gaimin Gladiators, and The International 2022 fourth-placed side, Team Aster. These teams will get the opportunity to demonstrate their prowess in a more relaxed and intimate environment.

The Road to the LAN Showcase

A total of seven teams will compete in the LAN showcase, commencing on September 10th. Only one spot is reserved for teams competing online, and the list of contenders includes Virtus.Pro, Nigma Galaxy, Nemiga Gaming, Level Up, Alliance, One Move, Luna Galaxy, and KZ Team. This unique blend of established names and rising talents promises thrilling matches and fierce competition.

BetBoom’s Esports Team and Content Creation
BetBoom’s Dual Role

Apart from organizing the event, BetBoom’s own esports team will also be part of the tournament. The team recently showcased their skills at Gamers8‘s Riyadh Masters 2023, where they claimed a significant prize of $800,000. Their presence adds an interesting dynamic to the event, offering fans the chance to see both professional and organizer-affiliated teams in action.

Content Creation and Fan Engagement

FISSURE has planned to equip the house with cameras to capture captivating content throughout the event. This move aims to provide fans with exclusive behind-the-scenes access and foster engagement beyond the matches themselves. The idea of generating engaging content aligns with the growing trend of enhancing viewer experiences in esports.

Esports Bookmakers and Creating Fan-Centric Events
Pinnacle Cup and GG.BET Showcase Match

BetBoom isn’t the only bookmaker using esports to connect with fans and enhance its brand image. Pinnacle hosts a successful CS:GO and Dota 2 tournament series called the Pinnacle Cup, which featured a LAN event in Sweden last year. Similarly, GG.BET organized a CS:GO Showcase Match between its sponsored teams, Team Vitality and NAVI, proving that esports tournaments continue to be an excellent platform for bookmakers to interact with fans.


The BetBoom Dacha Dota 2 LAN event promises to deliver a unique and relaxed experience for players and fans alike. With a stellar lineup of invited LAN teams and the addition of BetBoom’s own esports squad, the tournament sets the stage for some intense competition. As the event embraces a more casual approach and captures engaging content, it exemplifies the growing trend of creating fan-centric experiences in the world of esports. All eyes are on this upcoming LAN event, set to kick off in September, as esports enthusiasts eagerly anticipate exciting matches and memorable moments.