The much-anticipated BGIS 2023 The Grind tournament kicked off with a thrilling start as Groups 1 and 2 battled it out in a series of intense matches. After an action-packed first day, 16 talented teams emerged victorious and secured their spots in the next round. Among the standout performers were Numen Esports and Reckoning Esports, who dominated their respective groups to claim the top positions. Let’s delve into the highlights of Day 1 and take a closer look at the qualified teams.

Numen Esports Dominates Group 1

In Group 1, Numen Esports showcased their prowess and emerged as the top contenders by accumulating a staggering 48 points. Their impeccable performance secured their qualification for the next round, leaving a lasting impression on both fans and opponents. The team’s synergy, strategic gameplay, and individual brilliance were commendable and kept them ahead of the competition.

Other Qualified Teams from Group 1

Aside from Numen Esports, seven other teams showcased their mettle and earned their tickets to the next round. Signify Esports, Python Esports, Aerobotz Esports, GenxFM Esports, Chemin Esports, Hub Esports, and God’s Reign demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, making it to the top 8 overall rankings.

Reckoning Esports Shines in Group 2

In Group 2, Reckoning Esports proved to be an unstoppable force, dominating the competition with an impressive total of 57 points. Their stellar performance secured their place in the next round, and they are undoubtedly a team to watch out for in the upcoming matches. Reckoning Esports’ ability to adapt to various situations and execute well-planned strategies ensured their success.

Other Qualified Teams from Group 2

Joining Reckoning Esports in the next round are seven equally talented teams. Team Strange, GlitchxReborn, Spy Esports, Hyderabad Hydras, Team VST, Mavericks, and Growing Strong demonstrated their skills and teamwork, securing their spots in the top 8 overall rankings.

Day 1 Highlights and Impressive Performances

BGIS 2023 The Grind Day 1 witnessed some exhilarating matches that kept the spectators on the edge of their seats. Among the standout performances were Hyderabad Hydras’ resilience and tactical approach, Team Strange’s clutch plays, and GlitchxReborn’s explosive gameplay. The intense battles between top-tier teams showcased the high level of competition and the dedication of the participating players.

Next Round Qualifications and Expectations

With the conclusion of Day 1, a total of 16 teams have advanced to the next round. The top 8 teams from each group’s overall rankings have secured their spots, and they will face off in the upcoming matches to vie for the ultimate championship title.


BGIS 2023 The Grind Day 1 brought forth captivating gameplay and exhilarating moments. Numen Esports and Reckoning Esports stood tall as the leaders in their respective groups, while other qualified teams also impressed with their performances. As the tournament progresses, the stakes will get higher, and fans can expect even more intense battles on the virtual battleground. Tomorrow, the spotlight will be on groups 3 and 4 as they compete for a chance to advance to the next round. The stage is set for more action, drama, and moments of triumph in this thrilling esports extravaganza.