The Indian gaming industry is buzzing with anticipation as the highly awaited Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 approaches. Before the main event, BGIS 2023 The Grind will kick off, serving as an official scrims session for the invited teams. In this article, we delve into the latest updates surrounding BGIS 2023, including The Grind, the eligibility of Soul Neyoo, and the thrilling comeback of Hail Hydra.

BGIS 2023: The Grind Sets the Stage

The Grind, an integral part of BGIS 2023, is designed to prepare and warm up the participating teams. Although official details are yet to be confirmed, speculations indicate that The Grind will commence on July 17, 2023. Drawing inspiration from the previous year’s event, it is expected to span eight days and feature 32 invited teams, making for an action-packed prelude to the main tournament.

Soul Neyoo’s Eligibility Confirmed

Amidst rumors circulating about Soul Neyoo’s potential exclusion from BGIS due to the age criterion, fans and supporters eagerly awaited official clarification. The cloud of uncertainty was lifted when Soul Amit, the current coach of Team Soul’s BGMI roster, confirmed that players aged 16 and above are indeed eligible to participate in BGIS 2023. This news comes as a relief to Neyoo’s fans, ensuring that his exceptional skills will be showcased on the grand stage of BGIS.

Hail Hydra Returns Strong

The BGMI community was left in suspense after the roster of Hail Hydra, a team owned by renowned streamer Dynamo, was disbanded. The silence from both the team and Dynamo himself only fueled curiosity about their future. However, in a recent livestream, Dynamo brought relief and excitement to the fans as he announced the triumphant return of Hail Hydra. The team is set to participate in the official BGIS 2023 tournament, rekindling the spirits of their devoted supporters. The chat box of Dynamo’s livestream filled with fervent messages of “Hail Hydra,” signaling the enthusiasm surrounding their comeback.

Dreams Joins Team X Spark

Amidst the anticipation surrounding BGIS 2023, another exciting development has emerged. In a recent livestream, a scout disclosed that Dreams has officially joined Team X Spark’s 5-men roster for the tournament. Previously, speculation swirled about Dreams casually playing with Team X Spark, but this announcement solidifies his position within the team. With Dreams’ addition, Team X Spark gains a valuable asset as they prepare to compete against other formidable teams in BGIS 2023.


BGIS 2023 is poised to be an electrifying event that captivates the Indian gaming industry. The Grind, the official scrims session preceding the main tournament, will set the stage for intense battles and create a sense of anticipation among participants and spectators alike. With the confirmation of Soul Neyoo’s eligibility, fans can look forward to witnessing his remarkable skills in action. Additionally, the return of Hail Hydra adds a compelling storyline to BGIS 2023, as the team makes their comeback under Dynamo’s ownership. The stage is set for an extraordinary display of talent, competition, and excitement as BGIS 2023 unfolds, leaving a lasting impact on the Indian gaming community.