Fans of the popular Battle Royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) have been eagerly awaiting any news of its unban in India since its removal from all virtual stores in July 2022. While there have been a few events and maintenance breaks in the game, their connection with the possible unban remains unclear.

Recently, KRAFTON, the developer of BGMI, included three events in the game, namely Play Battlegrounds & Win, 10-Day Log in, and Top Class, allowing gamers to acquire rewards including the Leader set. However, to the surprise of the community, these events were removed a few hours later, and KRAFTON has not provided any reason for the same.

Speculations have been rife about the possible reasons behind these happenings. Some fans have put a connection with the game’s potential unban, but there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. Popular eSports personalities from the community have made bold statements, but most of them have not matched with reality, making it difficult to anticipate any BGMI unban date accurately.

The uncertainty around the game’s future has left players in a state of limbo, and they are eagerly waiting for clarification from either KRAFTON India or the Government of India. Until then, fans can only wait and hope that the game will be back soon.

In conclusion, the recent developments around BGMI, including the inclusion and removal of events, have left the community wondering about the game’s future. While there are speculations about its unban, nothing is clear yet, and players have no option but to wait for further updates.