Check out the dates of BGMI. Your longest wait for bgmi is about to get over…

BGMI unban the latest news 

If you are also a BGMI player there is a piece of very special news for you regarding the unban information of BGMI. In this article we have collected some exciting details regarding the game, read this news furthermore and you will get the latest updates and also learn some interesting facts about this game. Since the launch of BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India), it has always tried to improve the gameplay and quality of games for the players. From children to adults, the game has addicted the whole nation. But, unfortunately just like PUBG, the variant of PUBG which is BGMI was also banned.

BGMI will come back before 2024 according to Shreeman Legend

It has been almost a year since BGMI was banned in India and the wait for the game’s return is finally coming to an end according to Shreeman Legend. He did not reveal an exact release date but he claims “the game will definitely return to India before 2024.” 

The reason behind the Bgmi Ban

The reason behind the ban of BGMI mainly was due to the illegal selling of users data to different MNCs (Multinational companies).

  • The government accused Krafton of selling users’ data. 
  • There are also some other reasons such as its addictive nature. 
  • The government often receives a box full of complaints regarding the game.
  • The government also states that the game is based on plagiarised content.
  • The government also claims that the game is a by-product of some illegal games and apps available in the market.

BGMI unban dates reveal

The BGMI unban date is going to be revealed very soon. The Esports community of India is expanding as well as that one of the most famous games Battle Ground Mobile India ban from India’s gaming industry. The gaming industry is waiting for the unban of BGMI. But your wait will be over soon because one of the most popular games named Battle Ground Mobile India will probably reveal its dates for the unban in May 2023. So get ready with your phone and PC to play BGMI again with the same energy and excitement to play the game very soon. 

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