NODWIN Gaming’s announcement of an exclusive new feature, Powerplay, for BGMS Season 2 has sent ripples of excitement through the esports community. This strategic element promises to revolutionize the gameplay dynamics, offering teams the chance to double their points for each kill achieved during the initial zone of every match. Drawing inspiration from cricket’s Powerplay concept, BGMS Season 2’s Powerplay aims to inject fresh excitement into the tournament and encourage teams to adopt a more aggressive gameplay style from the very beginning.

Powerplay Unveiled: Redefining the Scoring System

The conventional scoring system in BGMS rewards each finish with a single point, regardless of the zone. With Powerplay’s introduction, the first zone takes center stage, becoming a pivotal phase where teams can earn double points for their kills. This strategic twist encourages teams to engage in intense battles and take calculated risks during the early stages of each match. Each early-game kill now holds the potential to yield two points, making early-game aggressiveness of paramount importance.

Implications for BGMS Season 2 Dynamics

The addition of Powerplay brings forth significant implications for the dynamics of BGMS Season 2. Teams must reevaluate their strategies and quickly adapt to this new scoring system to maximize their point potential. The increased points during the first zone could lead to fierce battles and intensified competition, as teams compete for early dominance and a higher rank on the leaderboard. As the points return to the regular system after the initial phase, teams must strike a balance between early-game aggressiveness and maintaining a strong position for the rest of the match.

Powerplay: The Cricket Connection

The term “Powerplay” draws inspiration from cricket, where it refers to a phase during the game when the fielding restrictions are introduced. Cricket teams strive to maximize their runs during the Powerplay by taking advantage of the field placements. Similarly, BGMS Season 2’s Powerplay aligns with the idea of providing teams with an opportunity to capitalize on a specific phase of the game. Just as in cricket, where the batting team aims to score more freely during the Powerplay, BGMS teams will strive to secure more finishes in the first zone to gain a points advantage.

BGMS Season 2 Launch: Early Standings and Key Performances

As BGMS Season 2 kicked off, teams wasted no time in showcasing their skills and adaptability to the new Powerplay feature. GodLike Esports took the top seat with an impressive performance, securing 39 points and 20 finishes after three matches. OR Esports and Revenant followed closely in second and third places, demonstrating the fierce competition that lies ahead.

Adapting to the New Era of BGMS Tournaments

With the Powerplay feature in play, teams are now faced with the challenge of adapting their gameplay strategies to capitalize on early kills. The first zone has become the battleground for intense action and strategic decision-making. The teams that can strike the right balance between aggressive play during the Powerplay phase and consistent performance throughout the match are likely to emerge as frontrunners.


The introduction of Powerplay in BGMS Season 2 has undoubtedly added a thrilling dimension to the tournament. This strategic element encourages teams to adopt a more aggressive gameplay style right from the start, making each early-game kill all the more crucial. As teams adapt to the new feature and showcase their skills, fans can expect intense battles, strategic brilliance, and an unforgettable esports spectacle. BGMS Season 2’s Powerplay is set to change the face of competitive gaming and leave a lasting impact on the esports landscape.