The Upthrust Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Series has witnessed an excessive amount of showdown in its Challengers Showdown Redemption Week. Day 2 of this intense gaming event showcased the resilience and skill of seasoned squads like Carnival Gaming and iQOO Soul, along with other prominent teams such as Team Tamilas, Team XSpark, and Revenant Esports.


In this second day of the Redemption Week, Carnival Gaming emerged as a force to be reckoned with, demonstrating consistency and aggression throughout their matches. The team’s seasoned players showcased their expertise, securing a remarkable 48 points across three matches. Their aggressive gameplay not only earned them a total of 70 points but also led to securing two chicken dinners, further solidifying their position as a top contender in the tournament.

Previous Performance of IQOO Soul Team

iQOO Soul, another experienced team, showcased an impressive comeback on Day 2 after a comparatively slower start on Day 1. With only 4 points to their name from the previous day, iQOO Soul’s resurgence was nothing short of spectacular as they amassed over 40 points on Day 2. This performance propelled them to the 5th spot in the standings, with a total of 47 points and an additional chicken dinner to their credit.

Intense Competition in The Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown Season 2

The Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown Season 2 event has set the stage for intense competition, with 32 teams vying for supremacy over four weeks. Carnival Gaming and iQOO Soul’s resurgence on Day 2 highlights the unpredictable and thrilling nature of esports competitions, where teams can quickly turn the tide with strategic gameplay and determination.

The Comeback Game Of Carnival Gaming

Carnival Gaming’s dominance on Day 2 can be attributed to their cohesive teamwork, strategic positioning, and aggressive approach in engagements. Their ability to secure two chicken dinners underscores their adaptability and skill in high-pressure situations. With such a strong showing early in the tournament, Carnival Gaming is positioned as a frontrunner for the top ranks as the competition progresses. On the other hand, iQOO Soul’s comeback story is a testament to the resilience and tenacity of seasoned esports teams.

Despite a slow start, they regrouped and showcased their prowess in Day 2, climbing up the leaderboard and making their presence felt among the top contenders. This turnaround not only boosts their morale but also sends a message to their competitors that they are a force to be reckoned with.

A Remarkable Performance by Other Teams

The competitive landscape of BGMI esports continues to evolve, with teams like Team Tamilas, Team XSpark, and Revenant Esports also displaying consistent performances on Day 2 of the Redemption Week. These teams bring a mix of experience, strategy, and skill to the battleground, making every match a thrilling spectacle for fans and enthusiasts alike.

Team Psyche showcased their prowess by securing the sixth position with an impressive 45 points, bolstered by a well-earned chicken dinner. Following closely, Revenant Esports maintained their solid performance from the previous day, claiming the seventh spot with 44 points and a chicken dinner, highlighting their consistency and adaptability in the battlegrounds. Alibaba Raiders secured the eighth position with a commendable 42 points, including a chicken dinner, showcasing their strategic gameplay and ability to secure crucial points.

Meanwhile, Entity Gaming slipped to the ninth spot on Day 2, securing 42 points but showcasing resilience and determination for future matches. Lastly, Team XSpark made a notable entry into the top 10 on the points table, scoring 41 points with a significant portion coming from finishes, indicating their ability to navigate the battlegrounds effectively and secure placements.

Table of Points Won by Players During the Matches

3.TEAM TAMILAS16243963
5.IQOO SOUL16212647
10.TEAM XSPARK0683341
12.TEAM FOREVER06182139
13.4KING ESPORTS16201535
14.MEDAL ESPORTS06161935
15.MARCOS GAMING06151934
Points Won by Players During the Matches

Top 5 Fraggers of Day 2 of Redemption Week

  • FoxOP (Team Tamilas) – 19 finishes
  • Immortal (Reckoning Esports) – 16 finishes
  • Kaif (Reckoning Esports) – 15 finishes
  • Shadow7 (Team Xspark) – 14 finishes
  • Infinity (Enigma Gaming) – 13 finishes


In conclusion, Day 2 of the Upthrust Esports BGMI Challengers Showdown Redemption Week witnessed Carnival Gaming and iQOO Soul’s remarkable comebacks, setting the stage for an enthralling tournament ahead. With seasoned squads showcasing their skills and determination, fans can look forward to more intense action and memorable moments as the competition unfolds.

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