A new VALORANT meta is on the rise, and it revolves around the French agent, Chamber. After witnessing its dominance during the VALORANT Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ), analysts and fans are intrigued by its potential impact on VCT Champions, starting on August 6. However, concerns linger about its success against top-tier teams, given its limited usage in recent tournaments. Let’s explore how Chamber is making a comeback and why players are starting to embrace its unique abilities.

Chamber’s Influence in LCQ

In the LCQ, Chamber played a key role for the Americas and Pacific region champions, KRÜ Esports and ZETA DIVISION, respectively. Both teams utilized Chamber throughout the tournament, showcasing its potential in high-stakes matches. With VCT Champions approaching, there’s a strong possibility that Chamber will continue to be a favored pick.

Debating Chamber’s Place in the Meta

Experts from the Plat Chat VALORANT podcast discussed Chamber’s impact on the meta. They recognized its importance in ZETA’s success during the LCQ, where Laz displayed a more aggressive playstyle. KRÜ Esports also integrated Chamber on multiple maps, solidifying its position as a potential meta staple once again.

Growing Adoption in Ranked Play

Even in ranked games, players are catching on to the power of Chamber. In the first act of Episode seven, Chamber boasts a 3.9 percent pick rate at the Gold 2 rank, climbing up to the 10th spot out of 22 agents. This significant rise in popularity indicates a resurgence of interest in the French agent.

Riot’s Buffs

Chamber faced heavy nerfs in 2022, but Riot Games is now buffing the agent again, making its Trademark trip and Rendezvous abilities longer range. These buffs enable players like Laz to find creative teleport spots, allowing for aggressive plays and quick escapes to strategic locations.

Unlocking Chamber’s Potential

Players are discovering inventive Rendezvous placements, expanding Chamber’s versatility. For instance, on Split’s attack side, placing the Rendezvous near heaven offers attackers a chance to peek and control the high ground with ease. Such strategic plays have become possible with recent patches, making Chamber an exciting agent to experiment with.

Looking Ahead to VCT Champions

While there are concerns about Chamber’s efficacy against top-tier teams like Fnatic or Paper Rex, its growing popularity and Riot’s buffs hint at its potential impact in VCT Champions 2023. Players and analysts alike are realizing that Chamber might just be the key to success in this prestigious tournament.


Chamber’s resurgence in the VALORANT meta has captured the attention of players and analysts, following its impressive performance in the LCQ. With Riot Games boosting its abilities and players discovering creative strategies, Chamber is regaining its footing as a formidable agent. As VCT Champions 2023 approaches, all eyes are on Chamber to see if it can once again redefine the meta and make its mark on the competitive VALORANT scene.