Counter Strike 2: A Critical Analysis by Joseph Lima, Evil Geniuses Head Coach

Joseph Lima, the current Counter Strike head coach of Evil Geniuses recently shared his thoughts on Counter Strike 2 (CS2) in a tweet. As an avid player, Lima's insights provide valuable perspectives on the game's current state.

Gameplay and Mechanics

According to Lima's observations:

  • Movement Issues: Lima noted inconsistencies in movement mechanics, particularly bhopping.
  • Utility Problems: He pointed out that grenades often behave unpredictably, impacting strategy.
  • Unexplained Bugs: Lima encountered various bugs, including gun model shaking and sound inconsistencies.

Visual Elements

Lima also commented on visual aspects:

  • Visual Overload: The updated map graphics impressed him but occasionally felt overwhelming.
  • Smoke Duration: Smokes in CS2 appeared shorter than expected, affecting tactical gameplay.
  • One-Way Smokes: He acknowledged the introduction of one-way smokes as an intriguing addition.
  • Molotov Interactions: Lima raised questions about how smokes interact with molotovs.

Competitive Play

Regarding CS2's suitability for competitive play:

  • MR12 Format: Lima found the MR12 format enjoyable casually but expressed doubts about its readiness for professional play.
  • Resolution and Input Lag: He highlighted resolution-related input lag issues.
  • Netcode and Hit Registration: Lima experienced netcode-related hit registration problems affecting gameplay fluidity.

User Interface

Lima's feedback on the user interface:

  • Buy Menu and UI: He mentioned that the redesigned buy menu disrupted muscle memory and made key information less accessible.
  • Sound Design: Lima found sound design received mixed feedback, with occasional missing audio cues.

Technical Performance

Counter Strike 2

On the technical side:

  • Game Optimization: Lima noted poor optimization resulting in noticeable FPS drops, even on low settings.
  • Weapon Mechanics: He observed increased inaccuracy during sprays, making gunfights feel random.
  • Visual Anomalies: Lima reported visual anomalies, such as distracting floating particles.

Multiplayer Experience

In multiplayer:

  • Rubber Banding: Lima experienced significant rubber banding in close encounters with other players.
  • Voice Chat Delay: He mentioned inexplicable in-game voice chat delays.
  • Player Interaction: Lima observed that player movement sometimes unexpectedly affected others, impacting accuracy.


Additional observations by Lima:

  • Util Mechanics: Nade mechanics felt different, with an apparent cooldown for taking out a nade.
  • Wallbang Mechanics: Lima noted inconsistent wallbangs, causing issues with gameplay fairness.
  • Sound Issues: He reported sound problems, requiring players to adjust sound volume.
  • Cheating: While encountering fewer cheaters compared to CS:GO, addressing cheat prevention remained vital.
  • Weapon Feel: Lima mentioned mixed feedback on the Scout and AWP but acknowledged some players found them satisfactory.
  • UI Customization: He expressed a desire for player options to choose between the new CS2 HUD/buy menu and classic versions.
  • Missing Commands: Lima pointed out the absence of commands for cl_bob and left-hand viewmodels.
  • Smoke Mechanics: He described the hesitation caused by smoke grenades not instantly blooming on molotovs.

In conclusion, Joseph Lima's insights shed light on Counter Strike 2's current state. While the game holds promise, addressing gameplay, technical, and design issues is crucial for its success.

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