Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is set to replace the popular CS:GO as the official version of the game, with a closed beta already in circulation and a showmatch featured at the recent ESL Pro Tour Season 17 finale. The game’s first-ever Major, the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024, is set to take place from March 17th-31st at the Royal Arena in Denmark, with 24 teams competing for a prize pool of $1.25m.

Tournament organiser PGL, no stranger to hosting CS:GO Majors, aims to break the game’s all-time viewership records with the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024. Denmark’s rich esports heritage makes it the perfect location to host what is expected to be one of the most important Majors in the franchise’s history.

CS2’s announcement on Twitter confirmed that the upcoming Paris Major in May will be the last CS:GO Major ever. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news on what the game’s new esports ecosystem would look like, and the announcement of CS2 has provided some clarity.

Valve’s decision to replace CS:GO with CS2 has been met with mixed reactions from the gaming community. While some fans are excited about the prospect of a new game with updated graphics and gameplay, others worry that the shift could lead to the fracturing of the game’s player base.

Only time will tell if CS2 will be able to live up to the success of its predecessor, which has become one of the most popular esports titles in the world. With PGL’s track record of hosting successful Majors and their ambitious goal to break viewership records, the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 is sure to be an exciting event for fans of the game.