In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, few titles have left as indelible a mark as PUBG: Battlegrounds. Crafted by Krafton, this battle royale phenomenon catapulted players into heart-pounding matches, where survival was not just a goal but a testament to skill and strategy. Central to this immersive experience was the Erangel map, a sprawling landscape that became synonymous with intense firefights, tactical maneuvers, and unforgettable moments.


Krafton’s recent announcement has sent waves of excitement through the PUBG: Battlegrounds community as they unveil the return of the Erangel Classic map. This update, included in version 29.2, marks a significant nostalgic journey for players who have been part of the game since its inception. It is against this backdrop of nostalgia and reverence that Krafton has made a resounding announcement: the return of Erangel Classic. This announcement, bundled with the highly anticipated update 29.2, heralds a return to the roots of PUBG, bringing with it not just memories but a renewed sense of adventure and excitement for players old and new.

PUBG’s Background Information

PUBG: Battlegrounds revolutionized the battle royale genre, and the Erangel map holds a special place in its history. As the first-ever battleground introduced in the game, Erangel quickly became iconic for its gameplay dynamics and strategic challenges. For many players, Erangel symbolizes the early days of their PUBG experience, evoking memories of intense battles and strategic maneuvers.

Features of Erangel Classic in PUBG

The Erangel Classic map is a meticulous recreation of the original Erangel, capturing its essence and nostalgia while incorporating modern gameplay elements. Players stepping into Erangel Classic will find themselves immersed in a world that harkens back to the game’s inception. Notable features include:

  • Original Concepts and Atmosphere: Erangel Classic retains the core concepts and atmosphere of the original map, providing players with a unique old-school experience.
  • Revised Gameplay Elements: To enhance the nostalgic feel, several gameplay elements have been adjusted. The recoil of most weapons has been reduced, allowing players to experience combat reminiscent of the early days.
  • New Additions: Erangel Classic introduces new elements, such as benches with weapons placed across the starting island and the inclusion of the Tommy Gun in Care Packages, adding excitement and variety to gameplay.

Availability and Duration

Erangel Classic will be available for a limited time on both PC and console platforms. PC players can delve into the nostalgic battleground from May 14 to May 18, while console players can join the fray from May 23 to June 6. Additionally, players can participate in the Special Drops event during these periods, offering exclusive rewards and incentives.


The return of Erangel Classic signifies Krafton’s dedication to honoring PUBG’s roots while embracing new experiences. For players, it’s a chance to relive cherished moments and rediscover the thrill of the original battleground. As the gaming community eagerly awaits this nostalgic journey, Erangel Classic stands as a testament to PUBG’s enduring legacy. For many, this isn’t just an update; it’s a journey back to the origins of their gaming adventures, a chance to relive cherished memories and create new ones in a familiar yet rejuvenated battleground.

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