Esports, the world of competitive gaming, has taken India by storm, experiencing remarkable growth and recognition. The recent announcements of four major Esports events with a combined prize pool of a staggering 8.62 crore rupees highlight the industry’s meteoric rise. These events, including Skyesports Masters, BGMI Masters Series 2023 (BGMS), Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 (BGIS), and Global e-Cricket Premier League 2023 (GEPL), are a testament to the increasing popularity and potential of Esports in India.

I. Skyesports Masters: India’s Largest Esports League
  • Jet Skyesports introduces Skyesports Masters, the country’s first franchise-based Esports league.
  • Prize pool of two crore rupees, making it the most significant gaming tournament in India.
  • Eight franchise teams to compete in the on-ground event (LAN) with a live audience in Mumbai.
  • Local gaming cafes across 20 cities scouted for talented CS:GO players, adding to the franchise teams’ rosters.
II. BGMI Masters Series 2023: A Landmark Esports Extravaganza
  • Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports collaborate for the second season of BGMI Masters Series.
  • 24 Indian teams competing for a colossal prize pool of ₹2,10,00,000.
  • 14 direct invitations, with additional teams chosen through Open Qualifiers.
  • The event to be broadcasted live on Star Sports Network and Rooter in multiple languages.
III. Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023: A Battle of the Best
  • BGIS 2023 marks the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series.
  • Registration to begin on July 24, 2023, with a three-month-long tournament.
  • Players to compete in various stages, including game qualifiers, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals.
  • A prize pool of 2 Crores and a minimum age requirement of 18 years.
IV. Global e-Cricket Premier League 2023: Real Cricket 2022’s Grand Showdown
  • Real Cricket 2022 hosts the massive Global e-Cricket Premier League 2023.
  • An impressive prize pool of 2.51 crore rupees.
  • Showcase of intense competition and talent in the realm of virtual cricket.

As the world of Esports continues to expand, India stands at the forefront of this revolution. The recent announcements of Skyesports Masters, BGMI Masters Series 2023, BGIS 2023, and Global e-Cricket Premier League 2023 exemplify the tremendous growth of Esports in the country. With multi-crore prize pools and widespread recognition, Esports is carving its path as a viable and thriving industry. As more events like these unfold, it is evident that India is poised to become a major player in the global Esports arena, creating countless opportunities for talented gamers and a vibrant ecosystem for Esports organizations.