Fortnite players are eagerly anticipating the launch of Chapter 4 Season 2, which is expected to bring some exciting new features to the massively popular battle-royale game. One of the most intriguing rumours surrounding the new season is that it could include a first-person mode, which would be a major departure from the game’s traditional third-person perspective.

While this is still just speculation at this point, there are a number of Fortnite ‘leakers’ who claim to have insider information about the new season. According to these sources, a first-person mode has been in development for some time and is now “finally” set to be released as part of the upcoming season.

If this rumour turns out to be true, it would be a significant game changer for Fortnite. The option to experience the game from a first-person perspective would open up a whole new level of immersion and could attract a wider audience of players who prefer FPS games.

Of course, there are some potential drawbacks to a first-person mode as well. It could make the game more difficult to play, as players would no longer have the advantage of being able to see their character and their surroundings at the same time. It could also require significant changes to the game’s mechanics and gameplay balance.

Despite these potential challenges, many Fortnite fans are excited about the prospect of a first-person mode. The game has always been known for its innovative and surprising updates, and this would be no exception.

It’s worth noting that Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite, has not yet confirmed or denied the rumours about a first-person mode. The company is known for keeping its new features under wraps until they are ready to be released, so we may not know for sure until the new season launches.

In the meantime, Fortnite players can look forward to the start of Chapter 4 Season 2 and the many other changes and additions that are sure to come with it. Whether or not a first-person mode is included, this promises to be another exciting season for one of the world’s most popular games.