All updates on free fire OB39, Latest News And Updates


Garena’s Free Fire has become one of the most popular battle royale games, especially in the mobile gaming world. The game’s developers are continuously working to improve the player experience and keep the game fresh with regular updates. The latest update, OB39, was released on October 14th, 2020, and brings a lot of exciting changes and new features to the game.


One of the most significant additions in the Free Fire OB39 update is the introduction of a new character named “Luo.” Luo is a survival expert and has the ability to increase the durability of all vests and helmets by 25% at its maximum level. Players can unlock Luo by completing missions and purchasing his character card from the in-game store.

Desert eagle 

In addition to the new character, the Free Fire OB39 update also introduces a new weapon, the “Desert Eagle.” The Desert Eagle is a powerful pistol with high damage and accuracy. It can also use attachments like extended magazines and scopes. The new weapon is expected to shake up the meta-game, and players are excited to see how it performs in battle.

New pet

Another significant addition in the update is the new pet “Dr. Beanie.” This cute little pet can heal a player’s HP over time and also reduce the duration of the player’s status effects like poison or burns. Dr. Beanie can be obtained from the in-game store or through events and missions.

New improvements 

In addition to the new character, weapon, and pet, the Free Fire OB39 update also brings several gameplay improvements and bug fixes. The developers have made adjustments to the training ground, allowing players to test weapons and practice their skills more efficiently. They have also fixed several bugs that were causing issues in gameplay.

Purgatory Ascension

Finally, the Free Fire OB39 update introduces a new event called “Purgatory Ascension.” In this event, players will have to collect various materials and craft different items to survive in a harsh environment. The event features unique challenges and rewards and is an excellent opportunity for players to test their skills and earn some exciting prizes.


In conclusion, the Free Fire OB39 update is an exciting addition to the game, bringing new characters, weapons, pets, and gameplay improvements. The new features and improvements are expected to keep players engaged and excited to play Free Fire. The update shows the developers’ commitment to providing the best possible experience to players and improving the game continually. Free Fire players can look forward to more exciting updates in the future.