Galaxy Racer, a leading esports organization, has unveiled the HER Galaxy Tournament Series, a new project aimed at promoting the growth of the women’s esports scene in North America. The multi-title tournament will feature two games, Apex Legends and Rocket League, with a prize pool of $250,000 spread across seven events.

As part of the HER Galaxy initiative, Galaxy Racer hopes to provide a platform for female gamers to gain playing opportunities, organize tournaments, and provide networking and educational opportunities to interested players. The North American tournament series aims to encourage amateur gamers to explore the competitive scene and combat harassment and isolation from other gamers.

The tournament is set to begin in March and will run until September, featuring eight broadcast days and a LAN tournament in Rocket League. The prize money will be distributed across the two games, although the company did not disclose how it would be divided. Interested players residing in North America and identifying as women can apply for open qualifiers for both games.

Megan Holgate, VP of Partnerships at Galaxy Racer, expressed her enthusiasm for the project and the opportunity to change the trajectory of gaming culture by supporting female gamers. Galaxy Racer prides itself as the only gender-balanced esports organization globally and is committed to creating new norms for the industry.

In conclusion, the HER Galaxy Tournament Series is a significant step towards empowering women in esports and promoting gender diversity. By providing a platform for female gamers to compete and network, Galaxy Racer hopes to inspire more women to explore the competitive gaming scene and pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse industry.