Garena Free Fire, the popular battle royale game, faced a ban in India without a concrete reason provided by the government. However, recent developments suggest a potential unban in the future. This article explores the reasons behind the ban, the current status of Free Fire’s return to Google Play Store, and the possibility of an unban date.

Why was Free Fire Banned in India?
The Popularity of Free Fire and its Impact

During the lockdown, Free Fire gained immense popularity among Indian players, especially students, due to its low size and smooth performance on low-end devices. However, this surge in usage also led to concerns about addiction and reckless spending among young players.

The Legal Battle with PUBG Mobile

Free Fire faced legal challenges from the creators of PUBG Mobile, who alleged that the game copied elements from their battle royale title. Although the Indian government did not ban Free Fire officially, Google removed it from the Play Store as a result of the ongoing legal proceedings.

The Current Status of Free Fire Unban
Unban Date Speculation

As of now, Garena has not provided any official statement regarding Free Fire’s unban date. However, there are indications that the game might make a comeback on Google Play Store by the end of 2023.

Free Fire Max – An Unaffected Version

While Free Fire faced a ban, Free Fire Max, an advanced version of the game, remained unaffected and is still available on the Play Store.

Stricter Measures by Garena – A Possible Sign of Unban?
Age and Mobile Number Verification

In a recent move, Garena introduced stricter measures in the Advance Server, requiring users to verify their age and mobile numbers. This could be seen as a step towards improving the game’s reputation and potentially preparing for an unban.

Silence from Garena

Despite the measures taken, Garena has not issued any official statements regarding Free Fire’s return to the Play Store. The company’s silence on the matter has left players eagerly waiting for any updates.


The ban on Garena Free Fire in India raised concerns among players and led to speculation about its future. While there is no fixed unban date, the introduction of stricter measures by Garena suggests that the company is actively working towards resolving the legal issues. Players remain hopeful that Free Fire will return to the Play Store, offering them the thrilling battle royale experience once again. Until then, they eagerly await any updates from Garena regarding the game’s unban.